1836 Property Management unveils innovative tool that helps real estate investors monitor the health and success of their investment properties

AUSTIN, TX, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 1836 Property Management, from Austin leading property management company, helps clients achieve their real estate investment goals by educating investors on best practices and ensuring properties are occupied and generating income. The company recently announced a new integrated solution (REI Monitor) that collects specific rental property data and offers investors the ability to assess their key performance indicators and track the success of their investment.

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REI Monitor provides the actual return on equity of an investment property in real time. The tool collects data such as monthly rental income, maintenance expenses, vacancy percentages, debt service charges (principal and interest payments made to the property), home equity property and other real estate expenses (i.e. rental fees, property management fees, taxes, etc.). Investors can then monitor and set benchmarks for normal ROI ranges, vacancies, maintenance expenses, and overdue revenue. Moreover, it allows users to create projections and set new goals.

The tool evaluates and produces a percentage of ROE using all the actual investment property data and applying a simple formula: ((Appreciation + Principal Paydown + Cash Flow) / Total Equity) x 100. an investment property in this way allows investors to analyze its performance as a whole, rather than using individual formulas, like CAP rates, which really only allow investors to analyze it from one point of view.

By using REI Monitor, investors can make better buying decisions, enable better risk or leverage decisions, make logical or emotional decisions, and focus on the big picture: achieving their goals financials and their timelines.

Currently, the tool is free for 1836PM customers, however, interested investors can contact the company for an overview of the platform and to discuss partnership options. Additional features will be available soon, allowing customers to examine the performance of their investments from even more angles.

A leader in the great Austin, TX real estate market, 1836 Property Management is focused on people-to-people collaboration so clients can locate properties that match their investment goals, analyze returns and expenses, lease acquired properties, and maintain them under an all-in-one umbrella. a.

To learn more about 1836 Property Management, please visit 1836PropertyManagement.com. To learn more about REI Monitor, please visit 1836pm.com/rei-monitor.



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