309 Property Management continues in Harrington’s footsteps – Harvey County Now

By Jared Janzen

HALSTEAD—Joel Flory tries to keep the legacy of a friend and mentor alive.

In February, Flory launched 309 Property Management, a rental property management company. He wanted to fill the void left by Harrington & Co following the death of owner Cory Harrington last December.

“I wanted to continue what he had created and also because we just needed this service to continue,” he said. “I didn’t want what he had built to die.”

Flory said it only took him 24 hours to decide he wanted to take over the business, but the transition itself took several weeks. Business was good for the first six months.

“We picked up new customers and kept most of the old ones,” he said. “And we have Ashley Allmon, who makes it incredibly easy just because of her knowledge and frees her up to do what she knows how to do. This way we don’t have to deal with the day-to-day.

Allmon was a property manager at Harrington & Co for several years. She said the transition went well and there weren’t really a lot of changes for her.

“It’s just a transition and a name change,” she said.

His job includes inspections, move-ins, move-outs, paying bills, paying landlords, collecting rent. Her schedule varies daily since she is part-time.

“It depends on what happens,” she said. “I help where I can, so if I can help paint, I help paint.”

Currently, 309 Property Management has fewer properties than Harrington & Co did since two owners with multiple properties didn’t make the switch, but Flory said he still hopes to get everyone back. They also found new customers.

He estimated that 75% of their properties are in Halstead. They also have five in Newton, one in Bentley, one in Goessel, and are looking to expand to Andale.

“We are looking to branch out from Halstead,” he said.

He works with real estate agents to market his services to rental property owners. He uses the relationships he has established with Flory Roofing, which he co-owns.

He said it would be impossible to balance the two without Allmon’s help. He and his wife, Angie, also own the Sno Shack and have a business called Mya-Ashlynn — named after their daughters — which Flory explained started buying rental properties.

Throughout all of these business ventures, Harrington was always there to lend a hand to Flory and so it means a lot to Flory to continue the work that his friend started.

“His death was very sad and a big shock,” Flory said. “It left a big void in Halstead. The man has done a lot here and I don’t think he had any credit for promoting Halstead, for bringing new business here. It was a big loss. »

The pair grew up in Halstead, although Harrington was older so they did not go to school together.

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know Cory,” Flory said.

He added that especially over the past 15 years, the two have been close friends who have worked together.

“Everything I have, he helped me get to where I am,” Flory said. “He was my go-to person for advice on all other rentals.”

Harrington was a big supporter of Halstead’s business community, helping to recruit new businesses and promote existing ones. Angie Flory highlighted the changes she has seen at Halstead over the past 12 years thanks to Harrington’s efforts.

“Main Street is nothing like it was 12 years ago,” she said. “There are a lot more companies and a lot more opportunities.”

Prior to starting 309 Property Management, Flory had some experience helping family members with rental properties, particularly on the maintenance side.

“My grandfather had seven or eight [properties] and I helped him take care of them,” he said.

Flory said her role at 309 Property Management is to give her stability. He communicates with landlords and helps with any big issues, such as evictions. The company manages the properties from start to finish for the owners.

“We prepare them, list them,” he said. “We do all background checks on potential tenants. Then we do the day-to-day for tenant issues. This way, the owners don’t have to deal with all that. “

They also offer maintenance to other owners and do house tours for another management company.

Allmon isn’t the only Harrington & Co employee still around. Colten Flickinger continues to maintain the rental properties. He gave a simple job description for himself.

“I do what Ashley says, mostly,” he laughed.

He works part-time and also works on contract to keep busy when 309 Property Management doesn’t need him.

“So far since we started it’s been slow and now it’s picked up and I guess it won’t slow down,” Flickinger said.

Flickinger worked for Harrington for five or six years, shortly after starting the business in 2016.

Although there are many similarities between Harrington & Co and 309 Property Management, the latter is a separate company that Flory started from scratch.

Flory hopes 309 Property Management will continue to grow in the future.

“I would like to get to the point where we have full-time employees, where we have enough properties to have Ashley or someone here full-time during the day,” he said.

For more information, follow 309 Property Management on Facebook or call 316-633-1758.