5 Ways Hiring a Professional Property Management Company Adds Value for Investors by Dave Sweyer

If you are an investor with a growing portfolio of rental properties, self-management of those properties can become increasingly difficult as your portfolio grows. With more properties, there are more maintenance issues, tenants and paperwork to deal with, which many investors simply don’t have the time for. To properly balance obligations, ensure all properties are well maintained, and relieve stress, now may be the time to hire a professional property manager. Here are 5 ways a professional property management company can not only ease the burden on investors, but also improve tenant retention and property values.

1. Maintenance management and maintenance of property values

One of the biggest benefits of working with a property management company is having someone to handle maintenance issues and coordinate preventative maintenance visits. Experienced property managers can handle maintenance issues with ease because they have access to trusted vendors who will visit properties, accurately diagnose issues, and provide solutions. Also, if a tenant has an after-hours maintenance emergency, professional property management companies have 24/7 maintenance services in place that will resolve the issue immediately. . Many professional property management companies also offer preventative maintenance programs that investors can join. This gives owners the opportunity to have their properties’ major systems checked and maintained regularly.

Professional property managers, with their knowledge of the current rental market, can also suggest improvements that will make your property more attractive to tenants. Instead of investors having to research what today’s tenant wants, property managers are fully aware of this and can not only make upgrade suggestions, but also coordinate work.

2. Find quality tenants

No matter how well-meaning an investment property owner may select a tenant, there are red flags that seasoned property managers know to look for. The professionals have proven processes in place to carefully screen tenants, review all aspects of their applications, and only approve those who are well qualified and will treat your property with care. This, in the long term, will result in the value of your property remaining stable or increasing.

3. Benefits of registration and marketing

Those who are relatively new to real estate investing, or perhaps those investing in a new area, have a lot to consider before putting their rental property on the market. Professional property managers have the skills to help in many areas of preparation, such as staging the property for advertising, suggesting upgrades, and setting appropriate rental rates.

Using a professional property management company gives investors access to countless advertising tools. When you sign with a property management company, your properties are included in various forms of marketing such as advertisements on the company’s website (which is undoubtedly more well known and trusted than many internet sources), showing your property on social media, as well as ensuring that your property is always shown in a secure and adequate manner.

4. Avoid legal problems

Not all landlords are aware of the nuances of laws such as the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), or tenant-landlord laws. That being said, it can be quite easy to inadvertently violate any of them. The professionals, however, have been trained in both FHA and ADA, service animals, as well as other applicable laws, and know how to ensure the entire rental process goes smoothly. properly. Property managers will also handle things like security deposits, rent arrears, and security issues in a way that coincides with federal and state laws.

5. Relieve stress

Perhaps the greatest value of hiring a professional property management company is in the stress relief it brings to investment property owners. Knowing that someone is around you and managing all aspects of your property, from rental to turnover, relieves you of a huge burden. Many investors simply don’t have the time to oversee all aspects of their properties, and having a professional take care of the day-to-day work can mean more free time and less worry for investors.

There are, of course, many other benefits to working with a professional management company, such as rent collection, online portals, and liaison between landlords and tenants. Overall, using a professional property management company will ultimately benefit your investment property, as you and the property management team are working towards a common goal: to increase the value of your portfolio and help you get the best possible return on investment. If you’re an investor who could do without the stress of property management, consider contacting a professional property management company.

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