Adam Beaudoin to speak at the 2022 NCBA Real Estate Winter Program

Attorney Adam Beaudoin will be a guest speaker at the North Carolina Bar Association’s (NCBA) 2022 Real Estate Winter Program on Friday, February 18.

He will be joined by Hope Derby Carmichael, along with Jordan Price Wall Gray Jones & Carlton, PLLC, for their presentation on homeowners association laws and developments in marketable securities law. Here is a brief description of their session:

Get an overview of key North Carolina laws governing community associations, focusing on hot topics that all real estate attorneys should fundamentally understand in order to effectively assist their clients. Topics include developments surrounding marketable securities law as it applies specifically to active owners associations and how lawyers can navigate exceptions to the law.

The 2022 Real Property Winter Program is a one-day virtual CLE hosted by the NCBA Real Property Section. The online event is designed to address hot topics in real estate. It features several sessions covering various issues, including landlord-tenant issues in the time of COVID, recent changes in American Land Title Association survey standards, tax incentives, and much more. You can read the full program here and register here.