An interview with Nathan Levinson of Royal York Property Management: what it takes to build a global business from the ground up

If you Google Royal York Property Management (Royal York), you will quickly learn that they are one of the most respected real estate and rental companies in Canada and Europe. With real estate assets of over $4.2 billion and more than 10,000 properties, Royal York uses state-of-the-art technology to provide clients with 24/7/365 services that simplify property management and rental. Nathan Levinsonthe founder and chairman of Royal York as well as Mateem, its leading business software, is the man behind the company, and as Nathan rides on his success today and continues the company’s European expansion, he has actually launched Royal York from the backseat of his car while living homeless after graduating from college. Nat has, as you can imagine, a unique perspective on what it takes to take an idea from conception to becoming a global company, and he sat down with us to talk about his experiences and to talk about the future of technology in the property management industry.

“The foundation of royal york was posed in my childhood,” Nat begin. “I didn’t have the best time growing up, to say the least. I faced a lot of bullying at school and spent time in foster care When I remember it now, I can see how perseverance despite everything I had to face as a child prepared me for the challenges I would inevitably face when I set out to create. royal york.”

Nathan actually came up with the idea for Royal York when he was in high school. “However, I only really started doing it once I was homeless. I had to earn money and I was determined to do better for myself. Every morning at dawn, I woke up in the backseat of my car, ate whatever I had, whipped out the cell phone, and started making cold calls. I remained 100% professional – people I spoke to never knew the guy on the other side of the line was calling from the car he was living in.

While Nat hasn’t always been successful on every call, what he’s found is a growing network. “That was key – every phone call I made increased the number of people I knew, and I took every opportunity I had to tell them about my vision: to make property management simple for everyone. the world.”

Gradually, Nathan found more people who shared his vision, and the business continued to grow. “I’ve learned a lot in the ten years since I founded Royal York,” he confirms, “but the main one is that if you don’t have a system or of established processes, you will stumble more often than unavoidable.. I have become relentless to keep the structure within royal yorkand it gave him the framework he needed to become the giant he is today.

Nathan is passionate about Technology at the center of Royal York, including its impact on tenants, landlords and landlords. “I fully respect Slack, Salesforce, and others, but they’re single-problem solutions, so to speak. Why not take a step further and create software that can do the job of the other 8 or 9 platforms that property management employees typically use every day? It’s cutting-edge, and that’s what Royal York has done before: anticipate what will be needed, then create it.

With Royal York, tenants and landlords have access to centralized services around the clock. “Everything is cloud-based, so no matter where the tenant is, they can pay rent, submit maintenance, take virtual tours of the property and receive notices from the office. Staff, on the other hand, can do their accounting, background checks, prepare and receive leases and all other tasks whenever they want, even outside of office hours,” says Nathan. “One platform provides it all.”

He gets pensive when asked where technology will take the property management industry. “We are only limited by our imagination and our work ethic,” he replies. “What if we could create technology that we use in the comfort of our own home that makes us feel like we’re walking through a unit, like we’re actually there?” Why is this not possible? I’m sure it sounds crazy to some people, but the key to innovation is dreaming big and then creating realistic steps that will eventually get you there. No idea should be abandoned for an innovator. Rather, your idea should be backed by a realistic plan. This is how progress and achievement happen, and at Royal York we will never stop making great ideas happen.

Posted on October 22, 2021