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If you’ve ever thought about investing in stocks, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Tiger Brokers ad somewhere during your abundant browsing.

And if you are new, or relatively new to investing, you might feel a little lost as to how to begin this long journey, but some say this journey is necessary.

So, we asked the folks behind Tiger Brokers a few questions that newbie investing who clicks on their ads might have.

Is Now the Right Time to Start Trading?

The market is constantly changing and the best time to start trading is when you feel ready to invest.

Is there a safe bet in which we can invest?

The stock market offers many opportunities for investors who want to get involved.

As a platform for such transactions, our mandate is to provide new and regular stock market investors with the best, safest and most profitable ways to operate.

What stocks should I buy?

You are the main influencer of what stocks you should buy. Your investment goals, long-term goals and experiences as well as your exposure play a major role.

Additionally, many investors have a favorite industry that they understand or influence.

You can also read and understand some of the market reviews and ratings in our app under the Community> News tab to better understand what would be the best strategy for you.

What should I do before I start trading?

Take the time to understand what your investment goals are, as well as your long-term goals, experiences, and exposure to the stock market.

Try to identify any market (tech sector, etc.) that you are inclined towards or with which you have some experience.

Now that I’ve done that, can I put all my savings into it?

You have to work with the end in mind.

Suppose you have no funds after investing in the stock market – are you okay with moving on with your life? Make your decisions by considering all the options.

Other than buy low sell high, what other mantras do I need to consider?

Read carefully and make informed decisions.

Set an objective. Invest in businesses you understand.

Look at the entity / persons credentials. Invest with what you have in hand. Diversify your investments.

How long do I have to keep my shares?

Until you can wear them without dropping or sweating.

Are there other things a beginner should know?

Like any other opportunity, there are ups and downs. Be able to handle the lows and have a goal for what you want from this exercise.

Focus on the markets you want to invest in and take a look at the products or industry segments you are familiar with.

If there is another industry you want to jump into, study it until you understand how it might change. Be prepared to walk away.

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