Best upgrades for MTG brokers commander deck

Brokers amazed is one of five new pre-built Commander decks released alongside Streets of New Capenna. This green, white, and blue deck revolves around various types of counters you put on your permanents, including the new shield counter from New Capenna which can save your creatures from death.

This deck is playable straight out of the box. But there are key cards that seriously improve the game. This guide will break down the best upgrades for Impressed brokers.

Perrie, the sprayer

Perrie the Platypus – I mean Pulverizer – shows off the new shield mechanic of Streets of New Capenna. This new counter type serves as a form of protection for your creatures, much like a pseudo-indestructible. If your creature would be dealt damage or destroyed, you remove a shield token instead. It’s perfect for protect your commander or other key creatures.

But Perrie has another ability besides Perrie’s protective shield meter. When Perrie attacks, it counts the number of different counter types on your permanents and enhances one of your creatures with power and toughness equal to that number. This ability gives Perrie an aggressive advantage.

Are there better counter-commanders?

Before discussing the cards you can add to improve your Brokers amazed Deck Commander, I want to show some alternate commanders you can play instead of Perrie.

Perrie is definitely a cool and unique Commander. And if you want to play an aggressive commander with a heavy counter theme, this is a great choice. But there are many different commanders who use counters.

As the leader of the Broker family on New Capenna, Falco Spara is an excellent counter-based commander. The bird demon works the same way as Future vision in that you can remove a counter from one of your creatures to play the top card of your library. Compared to Perrie, Spara has focused more on building value over time.

If you want to splash some black in your deck, Atraxa is a commander bomb. It proliferates at the end of your turn, amassing tons of counters over the course of a game.

For the purposes of this leveling guide, I’ll suggest cards that work well in any counter strategy, and I’ll stick to cards in the Bant/Brokers color identity (green/white/blue ).

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Proliferate all your counters

Proliferate is an easy inclusion in any deck that revolves around counters of all kinds. The ability lets you add more counters to any permanent or player that already has a counter on it.

Inexorable Tide can proliferate multiple times in a turn. Contagion Engine can add beneficial counters to your permanents while giving -1/-1 counters to your opponent’s creatures. And Sword of Truth and Justice provides some protection to the creature it is equipped with and proliferates whenever that creature deals combat damage.

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Altered Synergies

neon dynasty introduced amended, a mechanic that cares about equipping your creatures with gear, auras, or counters. This pairs perfectly with the Broker family of New Capenna which uses counters of different types.

With multiple contrarian creatures, Kodama will bring tons of lands from your library directly into play. Silkguard can protect your modified creatures. And One with the Kami provides some consolation when one of your creatures, in which you have heavily invested many counters, dies.

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Counter Doublers

If you’re going to put a counter on one of your permanents, why not put two?

There are different counter doublers in the game, like the classic doubler season. But others keep coming out, like Vorinclex, which doubles the number of counters you place while halving the number of counters your opponents place. And if you need counters immediately, Deepglow Skate can double the counters on your land as soon as it comes into play.

Other Token Amplifiers

If you put a +1/+1 counter on one of your creatures, Conclave Mentor and Hardened Libras place and add one of those counters. Each of these cards has its own advantages. Conclave Mentor can put on +1/+1 counters himself because he’s a creature. But Hardened Scales is harder for opponents to remove because it’s an enchantment.

Pir works like the first two cards, but its effect applies to any counter type. It also has the advantage of finding Toothy, imaginary friendfrom your library, which works well with other +1/+1 counter cards in your deck.

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Improve your mana base of parried brokers

Pre-built Commander decks usually have terrible manabases. Look for lands like Windswept moor and the shock lands like Breeding pool are useful in any Commander deck. But there are a bunch of two-color lands that give you access to all the colored mana you need.

Here are some additional lands to add to Brokers amazed:

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Best New Capenna Upgrades

The Broker family, from Streets of New Capenna, have a lot of support for Perrie and other counter-commanders within the main set. Here are some cards from the main set that are worth including in the Brokers amazed platform.

Brokers ancestry

Brokers Ascendancy is a threat of constant pressure. It expands your army of creatures each turn with +1/+1 counters. And it even places loyalty counters on your planeswalkers, making it easier to get their ultimate abilities.

Elspeth, resplendent

Elspeth can put counters of various types on your creatures, including flying, first strike, lifelink, vigilance, and +1/+1 counters. Even its second ability puts a “shield” counter on the creature it puts onto the battlefield.

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Sanctuary Guardian

The shrine keeper can trade your creature or planeswalker counters for a card draw. She is also difficult for your opponents to take down, as she enters the battlefield with of them shield counters.

slide back

Slip into the back | Wizards of the Coast

Putting counters on your creatures is an investment. And when you spend a lot of time and resources building a creature, you want to protect it. But flashing or bouncing this creature will eliminate those counters.

Slip Out the Back, however, is a one-mana trick that allows your creature to phase out, allowing it to retain any counters the creature had on it.

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