An investment in knowledge generates the best interests

Sometimes the investment you’ve been looking for all your life is here with the will to grow your assets. You don’t even notice it! Make a jump in your passive income from your investment. Join us to make it instantly viable. Our mission, Bitcoinvisions, your decision!


Bitcoinvisions, along with Binance Smart Chain, will be this year’s most compelling investment. To prove this assertion, it is necessary first and foremost to make the pros of Binance Smart Chain well known, and then some technical features of Bitcoinvisions are going to be notified of course.

As we know so far, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a fairly new smart contract blockchain, introduced at the end of August 2020. BSC was created as a parallel blockchain to Binance Chain, which was launched in April 2020 for facilitate decentralized commerce. BSC offers smart contract functionality and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, combined with high blockchain throughput and 3-second block times. This means that native Ethereum applications can easily switch to BSC and benefit from faster speed and lower fees. Thus, the Bitcoinvisions team will focus on those platforms that have risen in the crypto market capitalization rankings while achieving substantial technological and community advancements. Additionally, we will develop Bitcoinvisons based on the Binance Smart Chain Network and be ready to launch our own blockchain.

As for Bitcoinvisions, it is a fantastic platform not only for file sharing but also for app development. This, coupled with the technical features of scalability, Peer-to-Peer payments, regulation, merchant services, smart contracts and secure instant transactions (SIT), breaks many records along the way.

Vision and mission of Bitcoinvisions


  • Promote the widespread use of Bitcoinvisions around the world.
  • Enable unbanked people to use Bitcoinisions to create wealth for themselves and their families.
  • Make Bitcoinvisions the first cryptocurrency used in emerging economies.
  • Make Bitcoinvisions accessible and usable for everyday transactions.


  • To meet the demand for increasing the number of customers
  • Low transaction fees
  • Fast transaction confirmations
  • Low threshold for new miners
  • Adoptability of scaling solutions such as Lightning Network and SegWit

Why Should You Buy Bitcoin Visions?

  1. Fast transactions

By using the POS consensus algorithm, BitcoinVision transactions are very fast. This transaction capability directly influences the hype and future position of BitcoinVision in the world of cryptocurrencies and enables this network to revolutionize online media.

  1. Reduction of transaction costs with a larger supply

BitcoinVision improves the situation of overvalued Bitcoin, increasing the total supply of BVS and lowering the price. With relatively low transaction fees, a secure and private blockchain, and affordable coin prices, BitcoinVision is well suited for day-to-day transactions.

  1. Separate Witness (SegWit) to optimize Storope

The segregated witness (SegWit) is the process by which the signatures of a Bitcoin transaction are separated from the transaction data. SegWit defines a new structure called a witness that engages in blocks separately from the Merkle tree that contains transactions.

  1. Proof of Stake

Proof-of-stake is a high-frequency verifiable delay function that requires a specific number of sequential steps to be evaluated, while producing a single output that can be productively and publicly verified.

A summary below will help you understand PoS:

What is Proof of Stake?

  • A set of rules governing a blockchain network and the creation of its native currency.
  • It has the same purpose as a Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm (an instrument for reaching consensus).
  • No minors are involved in the process.

As a network participant:

  • Must have some stake in the network
  • A limitation is inevitable in the creation of blocks proportional to the participation of the participants in the network
  • Block validators will be elected based on the nature of the stake

Highlights of the point of sale:

  • Removing barriers to entry into the validation process
  • Requires less computing power
  • In a DPoS network, network parameters such as transaction size and block intervals can be changed through voting by delegates – also known as witnesses.

Initially, Bitcoin Vision focused on providing a cryptocurrency in the BSC model, which potentially supports BVS to be a more reliable and useful cryptocurrency for everyone. However, our goal will be to transition from a BEP 20 token to its own mainet, and such a shift in focus is evident in our current development roadmap.


Stage 1: Launch BVS native ICO capability to build and grow a strong community and at the same time provide users with increased investment chances with high potential profits.

Phase 2 Build the public base layer blockchain protocol that maximizes scalability. The goal of Phase 2 is to provide a platform that allows developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) without having to design around performance bottlenecks.

Phase 3 Road to BVS Testnet: From the start, BVS Labs wanted its Road to BVS Testnet to go through several stages and run alongside early versions of the project’s mainnet.

BVS Mainnet Beta Phase 4: This beta version supports basic smart contract capabilities and token transactions, but it does not offer inflation rewards for validators. Once network inflation is enabled, the network will move from a beta phase to a production-ready version

Full Phase 5 BVS Mainline: we plan to upgrade the BVS network from Mainnet Beta to a full version of the mainnet

Stage 6 Eternity: BVS DEX, wallet, DApp version.


Binance Foundation: 20%
BVS ecosystem: 35%
Team: 10%
Marketing: 5%
Partnerships & Advisor: 5%
Boot tower: 2%
Private sale: 3%
Public sale 1: 5%
Public sale 2: 7.5%
Public sale 3: 7.5%

How to get Bitcoinvision?

Name: bitcoinvisions
Symbol: $BVS
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: $21,000,000 BVS
Decimal: 18
Token contract: 0x699B4C0046b8B9978B93b2CBc3F810AFb82f7D06

Timeline/ Information Date Rising Price
seed tower April 13, 2022 – April 27, 2022 420,000 BVS $0.25
Private sell April 28, 2022 – May 11, 2022 630,000 BVS $0.5
Public Sale 1 May 12, 2022 – May 26, 2022 1,050,000 BVS $1
Public sale 2 May 27, 2022 – June 9, 2022 1,575,000 BVS $2
Public Sale 3 June 10, 2022 – June 31, 2022 1,575,000 BVS $3

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