Catch up with MAGASI’s property management guru Maty Beraja in an exclusive PROFILEmiami interview – PROFILE Miami

PM: Where have you seen more customer growth, the short-term rental market or the multi-family market?

MB: These two client sectors are growing strongly. We have seen strong growth in the number of client investors from other US markets such as California, New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and Chicago coming to Miami and needing a local professional management company. The same goes for Latin American investors looking for bilingual management services offered by MAGASI. We are ideally positioned to offer our clients long and short-term management services, benefiting from the rise in hospitality rates, while protecting ourselves against a future correction.

PM: Does MAGASI plan to add new markets or services in the near future? In what ways does MAGASI seek to develop?

MB: MAGASI has grown tremendously over the past 2-3 years, catering to all types of investors, from professional athletes, family trusts, municipalities to business owners, doctors and lawyers looking to diversify their assets. Our services have grown as we meet the needs of each client, from design to construction management and brokerage. I see MAGASI diving deeper into these service lines and forging stronger partnerships with big players in the market. Our customers travel further north and west of the Florida coast and MAGASI is here to continue providing our services.

PM: How has Miami changed since you started in the real estate business?

MB: I vividly remember getting into the real estate business with a college professor who told me it was a crazy idea to specialize in real estate, just when the market was picking up around 2012. But I was young and confident in Miami’s future as a hub for travelers. and a good place to live and work. New Class A projects have raised the bar and transformed Miami’s reputation as the ultimate city to live, work and travel. We’ve seen new product categories like co-living, apartments built for short-term rental, and even mixed-income properties expand into the market. The massive investment in Miami’s infrastructure – highways, roads, high-speed trains, Underline, etc. – will further catapult the real estate market.

PM: Since you grew up in Miami, what are your favorite restaurants in the neighborhood?

MB: Miami’s restaurant scene has really grown over the past two years with restaurateurs coming from all over the country, but my heart remains with those restaurants that have grown with Miami. I remember eating vegan carrot cake at the first Pura Vida in South Beach almost every weekend, long before they opened their tenth location to date. I also loved seeing Mister01 grow rapidly in the market. At the end of the day, I’ll take any excuse to eat great sushi, from a casual night out at Matsuri to an elevated night out at Kuro at the Hard Rock Hotel. Some new restaurants that I like are MILA and Abbale Televivian Kitchen.

PM: What does the future of MAGASI look like?

MB: MAGASI’s future is extremely bright. We are proud of our humble beginnings and continue to grow our team, client portfolio and project portfolio. You will see great things from MAGASI as we grow in development and look forward to partnering with even more businesses, municipalities and real estate professionals to make Miami the best place to live, work and create. .