Change Makers inspire women investors to gain financial freedom

“From there, we kind of had this idea, what if we turned Girls That Invest into a podcast where Sonya and I, two best friends, just talk about our own experiences. And in talking about our experiences, I hope this will just encourage someone to listen at home to have these conversations with their friends and family.”

After they started getting around 1,000 listens a month, the pair decided to stick with the podcast for a year and then reevaluate how it went. The fact that they’ve found the success they have is “breathtaking,” says Kaur, who credits a mix of social media and word of mouth for the podcast’s initial growth.

“Showing up every week and just being very genuine and open and sharing our experiences, I think, just started to resonate with more people.”

She also attributes the success to the fact that many New Zealanders want to start making their money work but are unable to enter the housing market.

“Housing has become so inaccessible for the average Kiwi, but investing has kind of taken the opposite route where it has become easier and easier over the years through micro-investment platforms.”

And while the quality of their microphones may have improved since the early days of recording in their bedroom, the duo still do all the recording and editing themselves and retain the same spirit as at their beginnings, although it now has hundreds of thousands of listeners. .

“I think [listeners] I appreciate that we continue to invest in personal finance and that the things we talk about are really lighthearted and with a touch of humor and banter as well – I think that serves as a differentiator from other investing podcasts” , says Gupthan.

Although they have become financial mentors to many, neither Kaur nor Gupthan have any business experience and until recently both were doing the podcast around their full-time jobs – Kaur was an optometrist and Gupthan was working in insurance.

The women stress that the podcast is not about giving people financial advice, but rather about sharing their own experiences in an effort to “normalize talking about money”.

And now, after meeting so many people through the podcast, the next step for the women is to continue spreading their message in an upcoming book, to be launched later this year.

This article was created for Dell.