Complaint filed against Richmond property management company

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – Leaking sewers, a lack of running water and residents being relocated to motels miles from their community – these are just some of the issues listed in a lawsuit against landlords of two of Richmond’s affordable housing complexes.

The Legal Aid Justice Center filed the lawsuit against a Richmond property management company on behalf of two families on Thursday. It’s against The Michaels Organization, owner of the Fulton and Randolph/Idlewood affordable housing complexes.

“The complaint details how when residents informed property managers of serious health and safety issues in their apartments, including leaking sewers and lack of running water, the Michaels organization moved them to motels. removed from their communities, schools and jobs, with virtually no additional support. Often families were given little notice or time to pack or told how long their stay at the motel would be,” a LAJC statement said.

According to a statement, the complaint said families would be in motels for weeks without proper kitchen space or amenities. The complaint also said the children would have to start at a new school or be unable to attend for long periods.

“This move has had an effect on my mental, financial and physical health. I believe that because I am on subsidized housing, I am not being treated equally or fairly,” said Shaneqa Thomas, one of the women named in the complaint. “During this process, I was patient and communicative with the rental office for 69 days, despite the destruction of my belongings, the inability of my children to attend school due to limited transport and financial difficulties My only request was to return home to a sufficient and adequate livable house.

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