Covid-19 – Can you create a property management tour…

Just when we all thought the Covid-19 pandemic was coming to an end, the virus decided to throw another curveball and add a new, more contagious variant.

When working from home, I often have the news in the background and see that the number of people infected with the new variant has unfortunately increased. Over Christmas and New Years in particular, there was always someone I knew self-isolating because they tested positive.

You also see in the news the impact this has on staff. I read a statistic today where the number of NHS staff on self-isolation leave had increased by 54%. Although I obviously hope they make a full recovery, it made me wonder what impact this would have on the service offered. Not just in the NHS, but it made me wonder how it affected other industries as well. How does the self-isolation of people or staff affect the day-to-day running of a business?

Inventory Hive is a cloud-based property reporting platform, allowing agents, property managers, and inventory clerks to create property inspection reports for the properties they manage. We have had an influx of users contacting us to say that due to tenants self-isolating or rentals staff isolating, they have not been able to conduct tours of property management routine. Obviously, if the tenant(s) self-isolates, you cannot visit the property and if you have staff members absent, you can create a backlog of reports. This is a typical example of how self-isolating staff or tenants can impact the day-to-day activities or services you offer.

We felt it was important to provide users with a solution so they could still create routine property management visits – remotely. This means that if the tenant or home inspector self-isolates, you can still create these reports. Additionally, if the tenant or property inspector is not self-isolating, but does not feel comfortable having anyone in the property due to the potential spread of Covid-19, this tool can also be used.

To sum it up in one sentence, the property manager can create the report from their office and send it to the tenant for approval. The tenant can report any maintenance problem remotely and can also provide photographs remotely.

Not only can you ensure that your property management visits are up to date, but it also helps justify any management fees the landlord might be paying. If the owner is wondering why they are paying their management fee when you cannot visit the property due to Covid-19, then hopefully remote virtual tours can help justify that cost.

Finding ways to get tasks done and run your business efficiently while staff are isolated can be a challenge. Hopefully doing remote property viewings is a really good way to check this job off your list.

*Mitch Handley is the Marketing Director of Inventory Hive