CV-2022-00161 Real Estate | Legal Notice

Published in Tulsa World, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, February 4, 11, and 18, 2022.

IN DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR THE STATE OF TULSA COUNTY IN OKLAHOMA HOME COURT REALTY, LLC, plaintiff, against REAL PROPERTY DYNAMICS, INC., aka REAL PROPERTY DYMANICS, INC; If there are, and if not, its UNKNOWN OFFICERS, SUCCESSORS AND ATTRIBUTORS; REGENT BANK; JOHN M. FOTHERGILL, TULSA COUNTY TREASURER; and COUNCIL OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS; TULSA COUNTY, OKLAHOMA; Accused. PRIVILEGE OF ATTORNEY CLAIMED CV- 2022-00161 Judge KELLY M. GREENOUGH NOTICE BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: REAL PROPERTY DYNAMICS, INC., a/k/a REAL PROPERTY DYMANICS, INC, if any, and if not, his UNKNOWN OFFICERS, SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNEE. GREETINGS: Said Defendants are hereby notified that they have been sued in Case No. CV-2022-161 in the District Court of Tulsa County, Oklahoma, named HOME COURT REALTY, LLC, Plaintiff v REAL PROPERTY DYNAMICS , INC., a/k/a REAL PROPERTY DYMANICS, INC, et al., defendants; and that said defendants must respond to this motion no later than March 23, 2022, otherwise the allegations in said motion will be deemed to be a Tuesday, and judgment will be entered to settle plaintiff’s title as requested in his motion and exclude defendants of any claim on the real estate described below, namely:

Lot Sixteen (16), Block One (1), CHANDLER FRATES SECOND ADDITION to the City of Tulsa, Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma, as per Recorded Plate No. 1788.

(seal)/s/ DON NEWBERRY Clerk of Court Clerk of Court By: /s/ Deputy Lindsay Dukes Date: 1/31/22 Alan J. Oxford, II, OBA #17688 DRUMMOND LAW, PLLC 1500 South Utica, Suite 400 Tulsa , Oklahoma 74104-6522 (918) 749-7378 phone (918) 749-7869 fax [email protected] Plaintiff’s attorney