ETMarkets Investor Guide: Can the market fall further from here?

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As Russia’s fury decimates stock markets around the world, there remain two types of investors on Dalal Street – one who swallows falling stocks and one who tends to his wounds.

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding geopolitical issues, but there is one certainty: inflation is expected to rise. Crude oil prices hit multi-year records, fueling raw material costs for many industries.

ETMarkets’ Shubham Raj sat down with Atul Bhole, SVP Investments, DSP Mutual Fund to find out why the market may have priced in the war in Europe and why he thinks there’s still foam in tech stocks from the new era, despite a sharp fall.

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Q1. A war broke out in Europe and in Dalal Street. What kind of additional drop do you estimate?

Q2. What should investors do now: wait for the market to start rallying or accumulate on every dip?

Q3. IPO euphoria is at an all-time low. At such a time, do you think LIC’s IPO can be successful, given its size?

Q4. Another hot set of stocks is recently listed in new age technology names. Many see it as a glimpse of the dotcom bubble. Do you believe they can make Infosys and eventually come out on top?

Q5. What are the three sectors investors should be focusing on for the coming year?

Q6. What disruption do you see in the automotive sector due to the emerging story of electric vehicles?

Thank you Shubham and Mr. Bhole for a very intriguing conversation.

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