TULSA, Oklahoma., December 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Evernest, a full-service real estate and property management company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabamaspecializing in the brokerage and management of single-family homes and small multi-family properties, today announced that it has acquired the property management assets of Tulsa Property Management, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Founder and CEO of Everst, Matthew Whitaker said of the acquisition, “We couldn’t be more excited than to be in Oklahoma – especially in the amazing community of Tulsa. We’ve wanted to be here since we started expanding into new markets. The founder of Tulsa Property Management, Luke Westerfieldhas built a great business and we will, under this acquisition, manage some of the best houses in the Tulsa subway station. We plan to use the acquisition as a platform to provide investment opportunities in Tulsa to current and future customers who want to invest in a solid market.”

Evernest grew from a small birminghamhome-based property manager into a full-service real estate company and one of the nation’s largest single-family and multi-family investment property management service providers. They currently have offices in Atlanta, birmingham, Rock, Chattanooga, colorado springs, Columbus (OH), denver, Detroit, Fort Collins, jackson (MRS), small stone, Memphis, murfreesboro, NashvilleToledo, and now, Tulsa.

Evernest manages approximately 6,000 homes with its nearly 150 team members and has been on the Inc5000 list 5 of the past 6 years.

Westerfield said of the sale: “Evernest was a perfect fit for my clients. They are obviously doing something right with the growth they have experienced over the last 5 years. For me, it gives me the opportunity to focus on large multi-family and development of the real estate business.”

Whitaker added, “We have acquired 16 companies over the past few years and will continue to focus our efforts on growth through acquisitions in booming markets like Tulsa. We are most successful when we acquire a large company like Tulsa Property Management and infuse it with our distinctive culture and what we call our “Three Ones” – 1. Our national brand with a local team. 2. Be an investor’s real estate partner, and 3. Fulfill all underwriting requests internally.”

About Everest – https://www.evernest.co/about-us/.

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