FBS Property Management, AMO celebrates 50 years of activity

In July 1972, Neil Fjellestad created Fjellestad Properties to offer real estate sales in San Diego. In the 1980s, Fjellestad brought in two partners, Barrett and Rapp, renamed Fjellestad, Barrett and Rapp (FBR) with an office located on Navajo Road.

In 1985, Don Short assumed Rapp’s position, renaming the company Fjellestad Barrett and Short. Today the company is simply known as FBS Property Management.

In 1989, Chris DeMarco (photo above LR with Neil Fjellestad), a Chicago transplant, identified the need to expand the property management division of FBS with an emphasis on managing single-family homes – an undervalued part of the market at the time. Continuing to grow in the 1990s, FBS acquired a Prudential office in Rancho Bernardo, assuming management of hundreds of properties in the North County area.

FBS is a company that respects and promotes long-term independent rental ownership as a socially responsible investment. The company works with its clients to assess their real estate needs and capitalize on them effectively and efficiently while promoting respect and retention of residents. They are housing providers, maintenance troubleshooters, financial analysts, asset managers, and a support network for clients and clients who own or lease the properties the company manages.

As an Accredited Management Organization® (AMO®), FBS Property Management is held accountable to the Institute of Real Estate Management‘s Code of Ethics. Being ethical in business means doing the right thing.

Over the past 50 years, FBS leadership has been key to the industry.

Fjellestad served as president of the San Diego Apartment Association in 1986 and his partner DeMarco helped create the first Council of Property Managers in 1988. Vice President Lucinda Lilley is currently serving a second term as President of Southern California Rental Housing Association after serving two terms as president. from the Institute of Property Management.

In 2015, DeMarco became Chairman of the Board of the Better Business Bureau Foundation. The company supports its FBS employees in contributing to other industry committees and boards. This team has worked actively with legislators from San Diego to Sacramento to Washington, DC to improve the rental housing industry.

FBS Property Management, AMO®, was honored as San Diego’s Best Property Management Company, three-time winner of the BBB Torch Award for Ethics in Business and AMO® of the Year. They are proud to have a CPM® of the Year and a two-time Industry Excellence Award winner on their team.

FBS has experienced tremendous growth and development over the past 50 years,” Fjellestad said. “Going forward, our focus will remain on improving the rental housing provider’s business and working to collaborate on rental housing solutions for our customers, customers and the community.”

Collaboration goes hand in hand with education. With an extensive social media presence and a weekly blog, the company hopes to continue to educate the communities in which it serves, so that renting and all that it entails is better understood.

In addition to the work he does in the industry, FBS is key to the Del Cerro community. The company has supported the Navajo Girls Softball League, Lake Murray Playground Project, Lake Murray 4e fireworks in July and the music festival. Additionally, they are active donors and volunteers at the San Diego Food Bank.

From the border to the wine country – from the beach to the mountains – they proudly serve 72 zip codes in San Diego County. They have managed over 18,000 different properties over the past 50 years and provided hundreds of job opportunities throughout the county.

For more information on FBS Property Management, visit AMO: fbs-pm.com.