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Originally from Bulgaria, Elisa Brashkova moved to England at the age of 17 with the intention of continuing her education. Wanting to get back to school, Elisa enrolled in an Access to Business and Economics course at Cambridge Regional College (@CRC_College) and quickly settled into university life.

Elisa said, “The diverse environment at CRC gave me great insight into different cultures. I met so many new people, who I am still in touch with today, including my tutor, Ursula. It was a great experience, which keeps good memories.”

After completing her entry into higher education, Elisa progressed to Anglia Ruskin University where she completed a work-study degree in International Business Management, which included a one-year internship.

Elisa added: “Ursula was so supportive of the UCAS application process which made the whole transition smooth and stress free. During my first year at ARU, I found that the knowledge and skills I had acquired through the Access course at CRC had given me a solid foundation to begin my studies. I felt like I had a head start with skills such as knowing how to write academically and referencing my sources.

During her internship year, Elisa worked in a real estate company where she gained a broad insight into working in the property management industry, which allowed her to identify what she did and what she disliked through her own personal experience, informing the route she wanted to take to forge her career.

Since graduating from ARU, Elisa has moved to London where she works as a Property Manager, a role she secured after accepting an unpaid internship. Elisa has now been with the company for four years and thoroughly enjoys the exciting and fast-paced world of property management.

Elisa concludes: “Doing an internship without pay was not so bad, it allowed me to demonstrate my skills and discover the profession. My role now is varied, with significant client interaction and responsibility for a portfolio of properties. »

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