How to find out how much real estate a person owns

For starters, why would you want to know? Let’s say you have your eye on a property that is along the road you take to get to work. It’s almost completely run down, but it’ll look good once you fix it, and you’ll have plenty of money to do so if you buy it cheap. So the next logical step would be to find out who owns it and if they own any other property. Owner search will be reveal this information and more.

If it’s their only property, they might be willing to sell it – if they’re short on cash. They might consider it to be in such bad shape. Of course, you never know. If they also have other properties, chances are they are well off and therefore unwilling to sell, at least not at any price.

Why use a screening service?

Screening services let you know who owns real estate and how much property they own by searching addresses across the United States. You will get the owner’s name and mailing address. If available, you will also learn their phone number. The service provides tools that make it easy to find owners and LLCs. These tools can generate an owner’s entire portfolio at lightning speed.

Properties change hands often and property data undergoes corresponding updates. Several sources are used to ensure property records are accurate. These include assessment rolls, title deeds, notice addresses and permit data.

Property titles

The deeds registry can also help you find out who owns a particular property. Checking this source is not unlike searching for tax records. You must enter the property’s address if it is located in a county that has a deed registry site. Then simply choose the most recent record you have access to. it will show who owns the house or apartment.

If the county in question does not have online service, you may need to go to the recorder’s office and search for the deed physically.

Property tax records

This is an even better way to search property tax records. Counties and cities usually have a tax assessment site that allows property information and tax records to be searched online. All you need is the address of the house or apartment. Again, this information is not available online 100% of the time. You may need to manually sift through paper records at the tax assessor’s office if the county does not have a website.

Find an owner without an address

Searching title deeds and tax records is effective as long as you have an address. Is there a way to find an owner without an owner? People who have made careers in real estate investments generally do not travel by car to write addresses to carry out searches for owners. Successful investors can find out who owns a property and how many properties they own, even if those properties are located in another state.

The County Recorder

Title deeds, deeds and assessment rolls are publicly available. Likewise, most US counties allow people to search for information on their official websites, which are usually quite well organized. Moreover, this information is often available free of charge. If you are dealing with property owned by an LLC, searching the deeds will also help you because you can see who the real owner is. This is the person who signed the documents.

We couldn’t expect all websites to offer the same level of coverage. States like Missouri and Arkansas don’t have very detailed histories. In contract, ACRIS in New York has copies of deeds dating back half a century.

The tax assessor

Your local assessor’s office will tell you who pays the taxes owed on a property. You can also find information on tax liens, square footage of the property, most recent appraisal, and even the owner’s contact information. In some counties, this data cannot be found online and you will need to come to the office in person after all.