Howard’s living conditions are blamed on property management company ‘Slumlordy’

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A group of Howard University students have been protesting living conditions in their dorms for more than a week.

Use of the Twitter hashtag #BlackburnTakeoverthe students staged a sit-in at Blackburn Center, to draw attention to the horrific and unlivable conditions in which they were forced.

Students used social media, as well as traditional media, to share first-hand accounts of the issues plaguing campus.

Photos of mold accumulating in air vents and behind photographs hanging on walls have been shared thousands of times on the internet. Students complained about cockroaches, rats and told stories of their friends being hospitalized due to mold exposure.

As students continue to grow louder and more unified, the world is taking notice.

Rapper Gucci Mane declined to perform at Howard University’s homecoming and announced he stood in solidarity with protesters on campus.

While on the Howard reunion stage, rapper Lil Durk left the stage after only performing a few songs. In a TikTok video taken from the crowd, Durk can be heard explaining to fans that he was supposed to do more songs but wasn’t feeling the experience.

“Yeah look. We were supposed to do more songs, but that shit sounds so fake, I don’t even feel that shit for real,” Durk said. “Thank you all for fucking with us..”

Durk immediately left the stage in front of a crowd of boos.

Howard University officials aren’t feeling all the unwanted attention and seem to be feeling the pressure. Students recently took photos of Howard University’s 40-year contract with Corvias, the property management company contracted to maintain the dorms. In a video posted to Twitter, a student calls Corvias a “very slum company” and explains her issues with the company.

“They don’t respond to maintenance requests. I asked for my air filter to be cleaned several times, it was not cleaned or changed. There is also mold growing from the exit sign outside my dorm.

But Corvias defended his record in a statement to The Guardian.

A company spokesperson said: ‘A recent inspection found mold in less than a tenth of 1% of rooms – 34 out of 3,300. We encourage students to report service needs as soon as possible. by contacting the receptionist, by phone or online. »

Howard officials also recently announced that they are placing all recreation rooms on “hyper-care” and going above and beyond to clean HVAC systems, change filters, and be exceptionally responsive to maintenance needs in the future.


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