It’s all about independent brokers in November at Inman

This month, we’ll look at what’s working — and what’s not — for freelancers in 2021, with an eye to next year as well. Stick with us to find out insights from top brokers and how you can grow your business so successfully.

It has never been more interesting or demanding to be an independent broker. In November, Inman celebrates indie by focusing on the growth tactics that work best and the emerging technology that provides the greatest competitive advantage.

November is Independent Brokerage Month at Inman. If you run an independent brokerage, you probably already know this: start on your own and dive into a business like this. is not an easy task. Keeping it running and healthy for the long term? It’s an even bigger challenge. But do not worry. We are here to help you skillfully navigate this business as an independent broker.

This month, we’ll dive into what works – and what’s not – for indies in 2021, with an eye towards next year as well. We’ll talk to the best independent agents and leaders and share how they’re staying competitive today (and of course, how you can rise to the top, too much).

Additionally, we will dig deeper into the new platforms and tools that have emerged over the past few years. And we’ll wonder where it all goes with the help of a slew of Inman contributors. Because it’s not just a business, it’s a way of life.

What to expect

  • Resources and manuals on:
    • Compete with the big guys
    • Growth Strategies
    • Find and retain talent
  • Dive deep into:
    • Why should you go freelance
    • Fostering good culture
    • Master the marketing
    • Do’s and Don’ts
    • Essential technical tools
    • Following

How you can have fun

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