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MELBOURNE, Australia, July 05 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to Waste Sense, a Melbourne-wide independent waste management service provider, many people don’t know where to send their unwanted electronics and computer goods, so they send them to landfill. As these items often contain hazardous materials, if not recycled or disposed of properly, they can cause environmental issues and considerable damage.

While the digital revolution has made people’s lives better and easier, Waste Sense explains that the volume of e-waste produced is increasing by 8% to 11% each year, making it one of the fastest growing waste streams. fastest in the world. The Australian Bureau of Statistics found that Australia generated 539,000 tonnes of e-waste in 2018-2019 alone. Global e-waste volumes are projected to reach 74 million tonnes per year by 2030. In addition, emissions associated with e-waste in Australia are projected to increase by 13% by 2030 to over 10 million tonnes equivalent. CO2.

Most appliances and electronics contain materials such as mercury, nickel, lead, and zinc, which release toxins into the air, soil, and local waterways when exposed to the elements. According to Waste Sense, this can have a serious impact on the health of local communities and the environment. In an effort to create a sustainable environment for the future, Australian state governments have begun banning e-waste from landfill, meaning these items can no longer be thrown in the trash.

To manage e-waste sustainably, Waste Sense says individuals and businesses need to be thoughtful consumers. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation, an agency of the federal government, claims that 95% of electronic waste components can be recycled, which will reduce the environmental impact of landfill, pollution, contamination and energy supply. new materials.

When it comes to recycling old, unused, or broken electronics, Waste Sense offers e-waste collection as part of a waste management solution for businesses and government organizations. Serving thousands of businesses across Australia, Waste Sense helps keep e-waste out of landfills.

To discuss responsible collection and recycling of a company’s e-waste, contact Waste Sense, the leaders in waste management Melbourne wide today.

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