Marysville Hires Real Estate and Economic Property Manager – Everett Post

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Recently, the City of Marysville announced and named its first Director of Economic Development and Real Estate. The position was created this year and after processing multiple applications, Terrie Battuello was selected based on her 28 years of experience working with Puget Sound communities. “We brought in someone who knows what they’re doing and has a lot of experience in this area,” said Connie Mennie, Communications Director for the City of Marysville.

The city’s goal for this position is to improve Marysville by redeveloping its downtown and waterfront areas, as well as constructing the Cascade Industrial Center. “For several years the city has been interested and made it a priority to work on economic development, an example would be our work with the city of Arlington to create the Cascade Industrial Center,” Mennie said. Since the Cascade Industrial Center was completed, attracting business to the city is now a priority, according to Mennie.

Marysville’s waterfront near Ebey Slough is an area where the town potentially wants to expand and develop. Some potential visions for new developments near the Marysville waterfront include restaurants and kayaking areas. The city anticipates that new businesses will move into the Cascade Industrial Center, which will reduce commute times for local residents.

Battuello, most recently served as Vice President of Economic Development for the Snohomish County Economic Alliance. Battuello was also the Chief of Business and Economic Development for the Port of Everett; Deputy City Manager/Director of Economic Development for the City of Bothell; and policy analyst and director of communications for the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners. “The main goals of an economic developer are to create an expanding tax base and create more opportunities for residents,” Battuello said.

Economic development does not only apply to new businesses, their objective is also to expand current activities within the city. Talent acquisition and entrepreneurial opportunities are also part of the services offered by the position. “My job is to help any business that is struggling or wants to expand these services,” Battuello said.