More investors looking for real estate in Dubai

Dubai is the city in which there is always a high demand for buying and renting real estate. This is due to the fact that Dubai is a global tourist center; visitors from all over the world come here all year round. The news of the international exhibition “Expo 2020” in Dubai has given impetus to the creation of new projects and the construction of new properties. Below we will explain why the request for villas for sale in the UAE has increased recently.

The influx of investors to the UAE has increased

Data analysis has shown that 2021 has been a favorable year for the UAE in terms of economy. Moreover, more and more foreigners are arriving in Dubai to find work. In this regard, developers offer a wide range of residential properties. The population of Dubai is increasing every day, which in turn leads to an increase in new construction. Investors buy apartments, houses and villas. They believe that investing in real estate in Dubai is a great way to create stable passive income.

Return on investment in real estate in Dubai

The rental income for a 1-bedroom apartment is around 7.5% per year. And if we consider the profit of real estate in general, the average annual return on investment is 6%. At the same time, renting a two-room apartment will bring the owner a profit of about 5.8% per year. Three-bedroom apartments also bring not so low income: the annual profitability of such real estate will reach 5%. The lowest rental income comes from an apartment with four or more bedrooms, at only 3.2%. Nevertheless, this investment variant also takes place.

Real Estate Demand in Dubai’s Green Neighborhoods

When talking about a real estate purchase, it should be remembered that in addition to apartments, the real estate market in Dubai offers villas with terraces and private gardens. This type of residential property is no less popular among residents and investors in Dubai. And now, several reasons contribute to the high demand for houses and villas. After the lockdown in many countries, including the United Arab Emirates, people started to prefer houses over apartments. This has contributed to the increase in villa prices, however, the demand for buying and renting real estate has not diminished.

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Additionally, families with children are more likely to prefer quiet, low-rise dormitory areas. And Dubai responds to the views of buyers in this regard: in the emirate it is possible to find many beautiful green neighborhoods with luxurious gated communities.

Assistance in the selection of properties in the UAE

Thinking of investing in real estate in Dubai? We advise you to contact a professional company for the search and selection of properties. After analyzing the real estate market and listening to your preferences, professional specialists will compile for you a list of attractive advantageous offers for the sale of an apartment or house in the most demanded areas of Dubai.

Contact the specialists of Emirates.Estate today and you will be one step closer to stable passive income. Investing in Dubai property is your faith in the future.