OB tenants on Orchard complain about mistreatment from property management company

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By Dave Schwab / Peninsula Beacon / December 3, 2021

After receiving 60 days’ notice to vacate, tenants at an apartment complex in Ocean Beach complain about improper treatment from their management company, which they say is moving forward with renovation plans to their detriment before their departure.

The dispute is between residents of the two-building apartment complex at 4802 Orchard Ave. and their property manager, Lifestyle Property Management Group, Inc.

“This had long been the subject of rumors and was made official on November 4,” said Sam Montero, tenant of the complex, of his departure notice. “The reasons given are renovations and repairs. But they started to remodel, to demolish, even before sending us our opinion. “

“The apartment complex was almost uninhabitable and the stress of finding new accommodation right now is intense,” said Taylor Owen, another tenant at an Orchard Avenue apartment. “The percentage is at its highest rate of people looking for apartments. I have been scammed and given up on several occasions throughout this process. The owners gave no compensation for what they put on our plate.

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Updating tenants regarding the “60-day rental termination notice” statement sent on 11/23/21.

Update 12/21/21:

The tenants of 4802 Orchard Ave. always seek appropriate advice as soon as possible on the water and air safety issues listed in a previous email and sent to Lifestyle Property Management Group, Inc. – as well as other parties – November 25, 2021.

At the time of writing (December 1, 2021), a demolition / renovation / repair process is currently underway at Orchard Apartments (address: 4802 Orchard Ave., San Diego, Ca. 92107)

Due to serious health issues related to water and air quality, as well as noise pollution and structural shaking (see links to documentation below), tenants are currently living in apartments. almost uninhabitable conditions.

At least one tenant is currently showering in a nearby public shower. This tenant is also currently unable to do the dishes and has placed these dishes in a closed plastic bin in the aisle behind the apartment units (see documentation links below). Regarding the current demolition / renovation / repair process (witnessed today December 1, 2021) – several workers were seen entering and exiting the apartment complex this morning while wearing air filtration masks ( see documentation links below). This despite the fact that current tenants were still unclear about the quality of air and water in the apartments at the time of writing.

The Better Business Bureau as well as the City of San Diego – Code Enforcement Department – have been notified of current living conditions at 4802 Orchard Ave., San Diego, California.

The Red Cross was informed of the current living conditions as early as last week, November 24, 2021.

Several (4) automatic responses were sent by the Red Cross to a current tenant, starting November 24, 2021 and ending November 29, 2021 with almost identical pre-written statements. The last statement reads as follows:

“Dear American Red Cross Customer:

Thank you for your request. File number 11886054 has been created to address your concern. An American Red Cross representative will contact you within 48 hours or two business days for a resolution… ”

At the time of writing (December 1, 2021 – 2:15 a.m. local time), current tenants at 4802 Orchard Ave., San Diego, CA have yet to receive a response from Lifestyle Property Management Group, Inc. regarding the following questions, sent to Lifestyle Property Management Group, Inc. – and other parties – on November 25, 2021):

1) Is the water drinkable, the shower and the dishes?

2) Demolition work has taken place in recent days (Monday to Saturday). Is the air safe?

3) What materials, chemicals and substances are released into the air as a result of demolition work? And how long has this been happening?

4) What is the cause and extent of the renovation, repair and demolition work carried out? Is it just remodeling or just repairing or just tearing down being done so far? Or a combination of all three?

5) How much time did we have to find another residence? Was it 60 days or 20 days? The notice we received dates back 20 days (11/04/21.)

6) Is our unit currently habitable given the work in progress from Monday to Saturday? Why is demolition work done on Saturday when we were only notified Monday to Friday?

7) What is the contractor’s full name and what is the contractor’s company name?

8) If the water has not yet been tested, how do we know it is safe?

9) Has the air been tested?

10) Are carcinogenic and / or toxic substances released into the air and / or water?

11) Does the contractor have the appropriate certification to test these substances? If not, who should we contact?

12) Is it normal that the water we use since we moved in has a cloudy and whitish appearance?

13) Why is a demolition cart currently blocking the main entrance to the apartment complex?