Podetize Opens Up to Outside Investors Through Crowdfunding Campaign and Celebrates Company Milestones

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif., March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Podetize, one of the world’s largest podcast production companies, today announced that its new crowdfunding campaign organized by Republic achieved the original goal of $100,000 and will be opened through April 22.

Podetize’s crowdfunding campaign, which launched in mid-February, offers investors the opportunity to tap into the highly lucrative and high-growth podcast industry and expand on Podetize’s impressive growth trajectory in the part of a profitable and scalable business that leads the fast-growing market. $1.6 billion the podcasting industry with unparalleled digital innovation. Podetize has already 4.2M monthly listeners with over 500 subscribers and 1,000 podcasters on its platform.

“Podetize is proud to be the premier podcast company on the Republic platform. We’re changing the game of podcasting and making it more profitable, which means higher earning potential for hosts, guests, advertisers, listeners and investors.Since inception, we have amassed a huge following and achieved a customer lifetime value of $14,000, with a consistent retention rate of 93% and an ad conversion rate twice the industry standard. We’re proud to help our clients drive an average of 54% organic keyword growth and 39% organic web traffic growth,” said Tracy HazzardCEO of Podetize.

The campaign is already attracting savvy investors and industry experts. “I’m always happy to support podcasting companies that are doing great things in the industry. Podcasting has changed my life, and Tracy, who I interviewed on my podcast, and Podetize CTO, Tom, are both I wish them good luck with the campaign,” mentioned Pat FlynnSmart Passive Income podcast host and leading podcaster, influencer and serial entrepreneur.

“In addition to the incredible support of Pat Flynn, Podetize is honored that many of our customers provide rave reviews on our platform and invest through the crowdfunding campaign. This validates our value proposition and is extremely rewarding as delivering exceptional products and service is our hallmark,” said Ms. Hazzard. “Overall, we are committed to breaking the mold and changing the trajectory of the podcast industry with new, innovative approaches. Unlike Spotify and other podcast platforms, we offer a human touch, which is a key differentiator. We are also founded by women and led by a majority of women within our staff of 108, which brings new perspectives.”

“Podcasts are more popular than ever these days. There are thousands of podcasts produced each month and over 2 million podcasts competing for listeners, many of whom are affluent, educated and young. estimated at $1.3 billion in 2022, $2 billion by 2023, and $3 billion by 2025. With such dynamic growth potential, it’s critical that podcasters understand how to be seen, heard and found so they can educate the widest and most engaged audience possible. To achieve this, we are committed to being the leading podcast coach of choice for the podcast community. We know from experience what works and what doesn’t, and we’ll share that knowledge in the new certification program. Indeed, the success of podcasting relies on support that is not unique,” ​​said Ms. Hazzard.

If you are an investor interested in joining Podetize’s crowdfunding campaign, visit https://rep.pub/podetize. Interested investors should act quickly, as the terms offered are exclusive to Republic investors and limited to the duration of the campaign.

To learn more about Podetize, visit https://podetize.com/. For media and investor inquiries, please contact [email protected].

About Podetize

Podetize is a leading global podcast hosting and production platform that helps podcasters launch or migrate their podcast to a hosted platform that provides unlimited storage, statistical reach reporting broadcast and syndication on all major platforms. Hosting is available for a fixed monthly fee, and Podetize can help monetize shows through their patent-pending “ad mix” on their growing syndication network.

About the founders of Podetize

Tracy and Tom Hazzard, the founders of Podcast, have supported and launched over 1,000 podcasts for their clients and personally host eight of their own podcast shows. Additionally, they have designed over 250 products for mass market customers like Target, Costco, Best Buy and Martha Stewart which generated more $2 billion in sales – plus 42 issued and pending patents with an 86% commercialization rate – and have earned their place in a very elite group of successful serial innovators. They have been featured in CIO, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Wired and Harvard Business Review. Columnist Inc. Innovation and expert in product design, Tracy Hazzard also worked with big brands like Herman Miller and Martha Stewart alive and Tom Hazard launched more than 250 consumer products raking in more than $2 billion.

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