Redwood City tenant claims she was harassed by property management as she fights eviction

A Redwood City woman says she is being evicted from her apartment and harassed by property management after receiving an eviction notice due to renovations.

On Tuesday, religious leaders and a member of the Redwood City Council held a vigil in support of the tenant.

Although it is legal to evict for renovations in California, they are asking Sequoia Realty Services to stop harassing the tenant as she fights the eviction case.

“Their harassing treatment is causing her undue stress and anxiety,” said Lauren McCombs of Faith in Action.

Elizabeth, who is a survivor of domestic violence and does not want her last name made public, says she has lived in the central district of Redwood City for eight years.

She says Sequoia Realty Services and the landlord are harassing and evicting her to complete renovations to the property.

“They’ve been coming to my house on a regular basis recently leaving signs in my driveway saying if I’m illegally parked here they’ll tow my vehicle. Letters and come to the door and take pictures of letters, like they’re Amazon. They came with workers to interrupt my peace and pressure me to leave,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth says other families have already been evicted and she has no protection from harassment during the ongoing eviction case.

A Redwood City Council member said she supports Elizabeth’s right not to be harassed and will continue to fight for an ordinance that will protect tenants.

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Organized rally for the Redwood City tenant.

“Well, what we can do for tenants going forward is enact a robust tenant protection order. We are moving forward looking at that as well as an anti-harassment order,” said Lissette Espinoza-Garnica, Member of Redwood City Council, Dist. 3.

Faith in Action held a prayer vigil before Elizabeth met with church property managers, but no one from Sequoia Realty Service showed up for the meeting.

“They’re willing to go to her house and threaten or intimidate her four days a week out of seven, but the one meeting time we agreed to have a respectful discussion, they haven’t done their part. “, said Nani Friedman, with Faith in action.

KTVU contacted Sequoia Realty Services, but their offices were closed for the day.

In the meantime, Faith in Action says they will continue to gather support for Elizabeth and other tenants like her in Redwood City.

Religious leaders support tenants facing eviction in Redwood City.