RIT researchers explore augmented reality concepts in real estate and property management

Computer science researchers from Rochester Institute of Technology are teaming up with Fortune 500 company JLL to explore augmented reality in commercial real estate and property management.

Commercial real estate services firm JLL is funding research to establish the JLL New Media Research Group at RIT. JLL funding will provide support for a PhD in computer and information science. student conducting research in the field.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows users to enhance their view of the real world with computer-generated information. The IKEA mobile app is a popular example of AR technology that can be accessed using a smartphone.

“The layering of physical environments with digital information has led to what we call ‘hybrid space,'” said Konstantinos Papangelis, assistant professor of games and interactive media who will lead the JLL New Media Research Group at LAUGH. “To date, there has been no academic research into the hybrid space as it relates to real estate, so I am very grateful and excited for this opportunity.”

JLL’s New Media Research Group aims to better understand the role that augmented reality can play in the real and perceived value of physical spaces. The group will also examine AR content and its role in adding brand value and driving key marketing actions, in the context of the real estate industry.

The group hopes to explore who owns the digital space around a physical space and how augmented reality can drive traffic to businesses.

“We are thrilled to partner with RIT and launch this new group and the JLL Research Support Fund to provide opportunity and financial support for a PhD. researcher interested in this area of ​​study,” said Mark Zettl, president of JLL’s property management group and RIT hotel and resort management alumnus. “We also look forward to using RIT’s extensive research into augmented reality in hybrid environments to deepen our understanding of the technology and continue to improve our services in property management and commercial real estate.”

JLL views research as a way to better serve its customers, employees and communities. By continuing to research AR, JLL will be able to educate and protect landlords and building owners. The company also hopes to better understand the integral role of technology in branding, key marketing metrics, and the intersection points between physical environments and digital information.

“Exploring the commercial use of digital reality technologies, such as augmented reality/virtual reality, is imperative to help building owners and landlords understand how to protect, enhance and monetize their real estate investment in a mixed environment,” said Hailey Harrington of JLL Property Management. Director of Strategy and Innovation. “By better understanding these technologies, we will be able to advise our clients with the knowledge and expertise to implement in their spaces.”

The research funded to the tune of $175,000 by JLL will support the group and the research student for up to five years. For more information about the JLL New Media Research Group at RIT, contact Papangelis.