“Shame on you!” : Protesters blow up property management company

More than 20 protesters, made up of activists and tenants from the Sandpiper Property Management Company, gathered outside his office on Friday, chastising the company’s lack of response to tenants on issues including rising rents, housing for people with disabilities and renovations of decaying structures.

On Friday, protesters gathered outside the Sandpiper Property Management Company office. | Credit: Jun Starkey

“Stupid, shame on you! Fix the plumbing! Fix the leaky roof! Change the old carpets! a chorus of tenants and local activists chanted, demanding any form of response from their landlord. “Answer your emails!” Answer the phone! Lords of the slums!

The Santa Barbara Tenants’ Union organized and participated in the protest on behalf of the many tenants who complained to the union about Sandpiper’s management. Representatives from the Santa Barbara branch of the Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE) also attended the event to support tenants.

“Your tenants are your employers,” shouted David Herrera, campaign leader for the tenants’ union, outside the Sandpiper office building, which gave no sign of recognition through its locked doors and covered windows. “The tenants pay your wages!”

Henry Delgado and his sister have lived in their San Pascual apartment for more than 10 years, the property having recently been acquired by Sandpiper. Delgado lives on the second floor and said he has been applying for a ground floor apartment for a few months now, saying climbing up to his apartment every day is stressful and physically exhausting for him and his family. “We’ve lived in our apartment for 10 years and have been applying for a ground floor apartment since May,” Delgado said. “Two apartments on the ground floor were available and let without our being notified or even considered.”

CAUSE SB branch organizer Wendy Santamaria also attended as a form of tenant support, discussing how the city could do more to prevent tenants from being exploited by predatory landlords. Unless tenants have the time and wherewithal to sue their landlord, Santamaria said, there is virtually no recourse for them.

“Remember when you’re sitting at home with your family, and you have food and a home,” said Estella Montano, a Sandpiper resident who has complained for months that the staircase in front of her house was ruined and dangerous, “that you have it because of these people here.

the Independent contacted Sandpiper management for comment, but received no response by the deadline.

Credit: Jun Starkey

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