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The spring and summer interior design trends for 2022 focus heavily on a soothing palette of green, “bringing the beauty of nature indoors and incorporating sustainability and well-being into interior design. indoors as much as possible,” Harris Brushes said.

Meanwhile, Pinterest’s Pinterest Predicts 2022 report highlighted biophilic design as one of the most dominant interior trends of the year, alongside curved furniture which is also set to be a game-changer this summer, “offering playful silhouettes that add a dose of tranquility and comfort to the room.”

Here, we explore Harris Brushes’ top home decor tips that investors might want to know.

Biophilic design

You may be wondering what it is, but depending on pinterest, Trending searches on the platform include “biophilic architecture” (+150%) and “biophilic bedroom design” (+100%). The idea is to increase connectivity with nature and all the benefits it brings.

Considered one of the most requested interior trends for 2022, biophilic design “encapsulates the natural beauty of nature with natural light, soothing color palettes and, naturally, more stunning houseplants than you cannot wave it”.

It is designed to improve productivity as well as physical, emotional and intellectual well-being. This “timeless interior trend” is described as the perfect way to bring serenity into the home.

Science dictates that exposure to greenery like houseplants is even known to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stressincreasingly important in the post-pandemic landscape.

Curved furniture

Harris Brushes maintains that comfort should always go hand in hand with style when it comes to interior design.

“If you’re looking for decorating ideas to enhance the look of your living space, bedroom or office, introducing curved furniture is an easy way to create an ultra-casual and up-to-date style. Luxurious curved sofas to contemporary rounded side tables and kitchen islands, this look offers sleek and comfortable silhouettes that help set the home apart.

pinterest predicts the trend will grow in popularity throughout the summer of 2022, with baby boomers, millennials and millennials driving searches such as “round pool deck ideas” (+170%), “pool design curved bars” (+140%) and “curved sofa”. living room’ (x3).

Green tones

Ever since the pandemic sparked an acceleration in demand for calming living spaces, soft, neutral wall colors have been on everyone’s radar. That, according to the firm, is not about to change as green prevails as the color of choice for Spring/Summer 2022.

According color psychologygreen symbolizes harmony, tranquility and peace, while stimulating positive cognitive outcomes including memory, problem solving and optimistic thinking, making it the perfect hue to beautify the home.

The demand for green tones in the home, from deeper olive tones to soft sage and mint tones, is apparently still on the rise. So much so that searches for “sage green wallpaper” have increased by 90% in the past 30 days, according to data from Google Trends.

Textured walls

“Architecture with texture and complexity” is another key summer interior design trend that “instantly injects a sense of decadence and uniqueness into the home.”

“With striking focal points ranging from decorative plaster to paneling and textured tile, this stunning style can be incorporated into the bathroom, kitchen or living room to add new dimension and depth. Without a doubt, with the rise of Netflix shows Bridgerton and The Crown, one of the most popular ways to add texture to the home is wainscoting,” says Harris Brushes.


There are currently, according to Instagram, 262,000 posts attached to #sustainablehome, 93,800 with #sustainabledecor and a staggering 4.1 million posts associated with #upcycling, indicating that the global consensus to reduce emissions and tackle the climate crisis is also integrated into the interior decoration.

Harris says green design encompasses quality, hard-wearing furniture and materials such as reclaimed wood and recycled metal to help reduce waste and better protect the planet.

“Reclaimed wood gives living spaces a warm, rustic feel, while recycled metal helps recreate the desirable industrial style in any living space or bedroom,” he adds.

“Brighter days are on the way and 2022 promises to be a year filled with new beginnings, which for many of us will be reflected in the redesign of our most cherished living spaces. With the rise of biophilic design and environmentally friendly, this year’s Spring/Summer trends force us to make more considered decisions when it comes to the interiors of our homes.They encourage us to reuse furniture rather than replace it, to create pieces that promote mental well-being and connect with nature in a simple and accessible way that brings warmth and tranquility to everyday life.