South Canterbury struggling property management company in liquidation

Amanda Gray's company, South Canterbury Property Management Limited, is in liquidation.

Doug Field / Stuff

Amanda Gray’s company, South Canterbury Property Management Limited, is in liquidation.

A South Canterbury property management company that made headlines for failing to deposit bonds and return money to tenants and landlords has gone into liquidation.

South Canterbury Property Management Limited, which is solely owned by Amanda Gray, of Albury, went into liquidation on April 11.

Liquidator Emma Laing, of Dunedin-based Trevor Laing & Associates, was appointed on April 12.

In May 2021, landlords, tenants and former tenants of Gray spoke about their relationship with her and her property management company – raising concerns that bond payments are not being deposited with rental services and that deposits are not returned when tenants move out.

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In a May 31, 2021 ruling, Gray was ordered to pay compensation by the Rentals Tribunal for failing to post bond.

Court umpire R Armstrong ruled that Gray had “manifestly committed an illegal act” by failing to post bond for a rental on Wai-iti Rd, and ordered him to pay the tenant $250 in compensation.

The decision said the tenant paid the $1,560 bond to the landlord on January 29, 2021, the first day of the rental, but Gray did not post the bond with the bond center until May 25.

Armstrong said Gray posted the bond “well after the time it should have been posted and after the tenant repeatedly asked her to produce proof that she posted the bond and about a month after the submission of this application”.

Under the Lease Act, a bond must be posted with the Bond Center within 23 business days of being paid. The maximum amount of exemplary damages that can be awarded for not posting bond is $1,500.

In November 2019, Gray was ordered in Rental Court to pay a tenant $600 in compensation for failing to post her bond, as well as $2,500 for failing to provide adequate insulation.

South Canterbury Property Management Limited was incorporated in September 2017.

The liquidator’s first report is due on Wednesday, April 20.

Laing and Gray have been approached for comment.