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Andrea Surette and Jeremy Muenz, a couple who live across the park in Petworth, had a rental property and a problem. They needed a property management company, but the ones they found were charging exorbitant monthly rates for the services provided.

“We were floored,” Jeremy said, “by their price.”

The couple knew from experience that most rentals don’t need constant attention or repairs. They wanted to find a company that only billed them when services were needed. And when Andrea and Jeremy couldn’t find one, they created one.

By the Hour Property Management launched in 2020 with a different fee structure. He charges a flat rate of $95 per hourwhatever the task.

“We always wanted a time management company that we could call if we were out of town or too busy to manage something in one of our rental units. We were never able to find this type of service, so we decided to create it ourselves,” says Andrea.

Jeremy and Andrea have taken on jobs as small as leaving a plumber in an apartment to as large as helping a landlord coordinate a move across the country, while simultaneously overseeing multiple contractors doing repairs and finding tenants for their customer.

The couple learned a lot about property management and maintenance over the years of managing their own properties. They rent several apartments in the district and have renovated their townhouse in Petworth themselves.

“Over the past 15 years, I’ve learned how to find tenants, manage emergency repairs and maintenance, and basically manage the day-to-day life of a landlord,” Jeremy said.

“We worked with a lot of entrepreneurs and artisans,” Andrea said. “We know who to call when a repair is needed and can give helpful advice if an estimate seems too high. Plus, Jeremy is an engineer, so he’s good with heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems. »

Andrea and Jeremy have lived in DC for over 15 years and moved to Petworth in 2018.

“We started this business two years ago and have already been able to help many homeowners across the city,” Andrea said. “We can take on any job, big or small. We know most owners can handle a lot. For anything you don’t want to handle yourself, you have us.

See BTHManagement.com for more information on hourly property management services. Or contact them at [email protected] or 202-455-8101 to discuss what they can do for you.