Strategic Property Management to Foster Collaboration at the Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building

The Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building is a monumental development for the city of Grand Rapids. Inside, groundbreaking research and discoveries will help drive innovation in healthcare. Outside, human lives will be dramatically improved through the work of tenants like Bold Advancement Medical Future (BAMF) Health, which will provide world-class healthcare treatments for various types of cancers and diseases using equipment advanced medical.

Taken together, along with the other buildings that make up Grand Rapids Innovation Park along the city’s Medical Mile, the Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building will help generate more than $300 million in economic impact for Kent County each year.

To ensure that the facility performs at its highest level, thoughtful planning is required. This includes strategic foresight throughout the building lifecycle, including everything from property development to construction and property management. Rockford Construction has played a key role in this entire process, but it is the company’s property management team that will help move the Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building forward. And it all starts with building a solid foundation.

“We’re really helping to create that space,” said Monica Steimle-App, Rockford’s executive vice president of property development and property management. “Everyone involved – our team, landlords and tenants – is in it together. This helps to build a solid base and a very close bond between all parties.

Rockford Property Management will provide comprehensive property management services for the building, including leasing, maintenance and asset management. Much of the work to set the property up for success has already taken place, with the team working alongside Rockford’s development and construction branches to provide pre-stabilization management services. As the building nears an opening date for tenants in 2022, the focus will be on day-to-day operations.

It is not possible to provide top-notch property management without first building the right team. And as Steimle-App said, Rockford was intentional in selecting team members not only with broad experience and knowledge, but aligned with the goals and mission of those connected to the building.

“Our team is made up of people who have diverse qualifications and knowledge bases,” she said. “This is crucial because not all buildings, portfolios or mixes of tenants are the same. Having this diversity – and pairing it with an understanding of the mission of landlords and tenants – allows us to move forward collectively and deliver the best possible service as a team.

Collaboration is an essential part of the work that will take place inside the Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building. To help maximize interaction between companies working inside, Rockford Property Management is also helping to develop and manage the innovation collaboration space on the fourth floor. The work, which is being done on behalf of Michigan State University, is powered by the SmartZone Local Development Finance Authority, which will support high-tech companies operating in the space through annual funding.

Beyond the potential that exists in the collaborative space for innovation, Rockford’s property management team will bring significant value to the physical asset through its connections to the community.

“We are connectors — not just with what’s happening inside the space, but with the wider community,” Steimle-App said. “And while we take tremendous pride in the property management services we provide, we also understand that we have the unique ability to bring people together, which provides additional opportunities for our tenants and clients. »

Rockford Property Management’s efforts will serve as an extension of the work done by the people inside, helping to catalyze innovation in a variety of industries that will build a better world for all.