Sudhakaran – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Mafia gangs rule the state with brokers in control of the police force, Congress State Chairman K Sudhakaran has said. “Parts of the conversation between Swapna Suresh and Shaj Kiran reveal the secret deals between CPM leaders and hawala dealers,” he said. Sudhakaran reiterated the demand for a court-monitored investigation into the entire episode, saying that investigations by central and state agencies will not be effective as serious allegations have been made against senior police officers and political leaders.

“The revelations about an institution managing the funds of Pinarayi Vijayan and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan are also very serious,” he said in a statement. In Kochi, opposition leader VD Satheesan asked if the man who approached Swapna with settlement offers was a state police courier. “Was this an attempt to prevent Swapna from revealing more?” Efforts have been made for the settlement and something seems to be fishy,” Satheesan said.

Recalling CPM’s protests against then-Chief Minister Oommen Chandy when the solar scam happened, Satheesan said Pinarayi need not worry as Congress workers would not hurt him. what the CPM workers had done to Chandy.

Protest marches
Earlier in the day, Congress organized marches to the Secretariat and all fundraisers demanding Pinarayi’s resignation. The marches turned violent in some neighborhoods and police had to use water cannons to disperse protesters. Congress decided to intensify the protests. On Saturday, party workers will hold protest marches in all Assembly constituencies and burn Pinarayi Vijayan in effigy, Congress State General Secretary TU Radhakrishnan said.

The Congress march to the Ernakulam sewer in Kakkanad turned violent when police erected a barricade to block off protesters. Later, the workers tried to break through the barricade after Satheesan led the march, and the police used lathicharge and water cannons to disperse them.
Haseena Muneer, a Congress leader from Mahila, was injured in the scuffle.

In Kollam, an RYF worker and a policeman were injured as the Congress and RYF march to the collector ended in a fight between police personnel and protesters. In Kottayam, members of Congress threw shoes and bottles at the group of police deployed to stop the march near the collector. MLA Thiruvananchoor Radhakrishnan and former MLA KC Joseph were present when the fight took place.
In Palakkad, the march was inaugurated by VK Sreekantan, MP. The march was peaceful. In Kozhikode, police used water cannons to disperse protesters.