The best agents and brokers are the first to know about this frenetic market. Find out how they stay ahead


It’s a word the real estate industry has been using a lot for the past year and a half. The closures created a sense of uncertainty that rocked markets in the first few months and made home visits and open houses impossible. But falling interest rates and buyers seeking to flee crowded cities for homes in suburban or semi-rural areas have nearly wiped out already low inventory. Now, more than halfway through 2021, the market shows few signs of slowing down in most of the country.

How do agents stay prepared when working with enthusiastic buyers in an incredibly competitive market?

According to Chaille Ralph, Vice President of Operations and Analytics at Better Homes & Gardens – Gary Greene, it’s vital for agents to stay on top of the market in frenetic times like these.

She believes that in-depth market knowledge is the key to success for agents in today’s market.

“We use Aergo’s numbers – the statistical information and charts have been important to us so we can share the market snapshot with our agents and with consumers,” says Ralph.

Across the company’s 22 offices in the greater Houston area, their network of nearly 1,100 agents uses Aergo. As the largest brokerage in the Houston area, Better Homes & Gardens – Gary Greene wanted to ensure its agents were equipped to succeed with reliable real estate data. With over $3 billion in local sales volume in 2020, their team has a clear focus on market activity, staying on top of trends, and guiding customers through their buying and selling journeys.

Terradatumthe creators of Aerogo, aiming to create a product that combines reliable and accurate data delivered directly from MLS with visual reports that help agents quickly learn about their market, even areas they may be unfamiliar with. Aergo’s real-time mapping feature allows users to select a custom area, helping agents focus on points of interest in their market.

“We want agents to be able to easily access high-level, detailed views of their market and we want the data to be easy to digest. We believe Aergo’s design achieves all of these goals,” said Mark Spraetz, CEO of Terradatum.

“Our first product, BrokerMetrics®has been the real estate analytics tool of choice for brokers across the country,” adds Spraetz, “and we wanted a high-performing product that agents could rely on to educate themselves and their clients.

Paying attention to brokers, they also benefit from the use of real estate analysis in this dynamic market. If you’re a broker, ask yourself a few questions as you review recent desktop activity:

  • Which pockets of the market do the majority of our sales come from?
  • Where could we benefit from opening a new office?
  • Is our team equipped to support our growth, and if not, who would be the right person?

The answers might surprise you.

Brokers/Owners who use BrokerMetrics have the ability to spot promising agents for recruitment, monitor competition, and find new areas of office growth.

“BrokerMetrics takes a no-frills approach. No distractions, just simple, relevant data that helps brokers stay on top of the stats that matter to their business,” says Spraetz. “For nomadic recruitment, we have created the Terradatum Appwhich provides proficiency measures [a BrokerMetrics tool for recruiting and coaching] directly to a broker’s phone or tablet so they can monitor co-op activity and contact agents of interest directly from the app.

All real estate professionals, agents and brokers, benefit from access to reliable market data. In today’s conditions, it’s even more vital. Ensuring you are up to date with activity and trends helps reinforce your position as an expert in the market as you navigate it with your clients.

Terradatum was founded in 1989 on the principle that MLS data is the key to opening the market to real estate professionals. Since then, the company’s mission has been to provide MLS-backed real estate analytics to brokers and agents across all available platforms. Terradatum partners with nearly 300 MLSs nationwide and their flagship product, BrokerMetrics®, is used by more than 13,000 real estate agencies across North America.