The transfer of real estate as NFT becomes a reality in Latin America

PANAMA, May 18, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — This NFT real estate sale represents several other firsts. This is the first Latin American property sale, as an NFT, through LLC (limited liability company) ownership, and it is also the first NFT property sale to include financing , with each mortgage payment represented as an individual NFT as Good.

A non-fungible token is simply a single smart contract, stored on a blockchain, which makes it extremely secure yet quick and easy to transfer its ownership.

The first Liquid Bitcoin NFT property sale was a humble beachfront condominium unit in the unassuming country of Nicaragua, but many more are to come. While El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as the country’s official currency, MAVEN MLS has enabled almost any property anywhere in the world to be sold as NFT and paid for with Bitcoin.

“Although a handful of properties around the world have been sold as a genuine NFT on other blockchains, never has a Bitcoin-based blockchain, the undisputed leader in the space, had a property sold as an NFT We are extremely proud and excited to innovate for Bitcoin’s very loyal fanbase,” said Patrick Hiebert, Founder of MAVEN NFT Marketplace and MAVEN MLS Division found at

Hiebert also added, “The benefits of selling real estate as an NFT are huge! The purchase is instant, there is no need to put funds in escrow, and the setup fees, knockout fees and gas, for a six-figure condo, were less than 50 cents! Wire transfer fees and other bank charges are no longer required, and real estate agent and government transfer taxes can be paid in the same transaction directly to their wallet. With increased transparency, buying and selling real estate as NFTs can significantly reduce any uncertainty for anyone hesitant or unfamiliar with buying real estate in Latin America. Additionally, for those looking to leverage their Bitcoin or diversify their crypto gains into a stable asset like real estate, MAVEN is the marketplace to do so.

MAVEN offers all of this at a fraction of the cost of a traditional property sale process and neither buyer nor seller is even required to have a bank account involved. The NFT for sale, representing the contractual ownership of the property (via an LLC), is held in a MAVEN wallet, and with one click, the buyer receives the NFT and the seller receives the funds simultaneously.

Using smart contracts on the Bitcoin-based liquid network, MAVEN provides a fast, inexpensive, and convenient way to transact, while ensuring payment is secure through Bitcoin’s proof-of-work method for tracking and verification of transactions.

Shauna Collister, Business Development Manager at MAVEN, said: “NFTs on physical and real estate assets may seem boring and confusing, but they are a very effective way of doing business and will be part of our daily lives for the next few years. years. Collister went on to say, “The value of MAVEN is that you can buy products, experiences, services, and even donate to a cause using Bitcoin and the transfer of title and/or proof of purchase is recorded. on the Liquid blockchain forever, immutable, transparent, and secure. MAVEN’s use of the Liquid sidechain and emphasis on using NFTs to transfer ownership and prove the authenticity of tangible products or “hardware assets”, positions MAVEN above other NFT marketplaces. which primarily focus on digital art and use the slow and expensive Ethereum or similar blockchains.

MAVEN is an NFT online shopping platform for products, experiences and causes. A marketplace where one buys with Bitcoin and receives an NFT proof of purchase. MAVEN enables the sale of everything from real estate to pickleball paddles, supercar experiences, a Costa Rican rainforest conservation project and more. If it exists in the real world and can be sold under contract, MAVEN can represent it as an NFT.

MAVEN MLS is the real estate arm of MAVEN Group LLC.

What is an NFT: NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and it represents a digital asset, stored on a blockchain. It can be connected to a digital contract on the blockchain, providing growing benefits and capabilities for contract automation.

What is Liquid: Liquid was created by Blockstream and is a Bitcoin side chain that supports Bitcoin transfers to and from the system using a crypto peg. Bitcoin pegged to Liquid is called Liquid Bitcoin or L-BTC. Liquid allows unique digital contracts to be added to the blockchain.

Why Bitcoin Was Created: An individual or group of people by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper to address centralized control of money and the trust required in handling citizens’ money, after the financial crisis of 2008. According to the whitepaper, Bitcoin was created so that people would not have to depend on the government or financial institutions for financial transactions and, because it works on a proof-of-work methodology for monitoring and verification of transactions, transactions cannot be modified, falsified or manipulated. It is a peer-to-peer electronic exchange. This means that people can send bitcoins directly to each other without the involvement of a bank or other intermediary institution and associated fees.

MAVEN Founder: Patrick Hiebert, is also one of the co-founders of EcoVillages.Life along with his co-founder and son, Spencer Hiebert. Ecovillages designs unique, crypto-compatible and enabled communities across the region. Patrick Hiebert’s unique experience and understanding of the benefits of decentralized finance led him to create the Maven NFT Marketplace and Maven MLS online platforms.


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