They are the most important investors in the cannabis industry

Despite regulatory hurdles, experienced and committed staff cannabis investors nominated for this year’s Benzinga’s Cannabis Investors Award allow everyone to exploit the potential of the market.

After the resounding success of Benzinga’s 4/20 Miami event, the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference returns to Chicago September 13-14.

As part of its fall event, Benzinga will celebrate outstanding individuals, companies and organizations in the cannabis industry with the addition of the Cannabis Benzinga Award.

In one of the categories, Benzinga will honor the best Cannabis investors known to cover the industry and shape our view of the space.

Category: Cannabis Investor Awards

Ricky Sandler

Our range starts with Ricky Sandler, Founder and CEO of Eminence Capital, a company focused on identifying strong, growing businesses that the market has mispriced. Despite an obvious disparity between cannabis companies and their stock prices, Sandler sees “big money” being invested in marijuana over the next five years.

Emilie Paxhia

then, we have Emily Paxhia, co-founder and managing partner at Poseidon Asset Management, one of the pioneers of cannabis investing. As one of the oldest dedicated cannabis investment funds with Paxhia at the helm, Poseidon navigates the complex and evolving industry and helps businesses grow and thrive. Commenting on the decline in marijuana stocks, Paxhia recently told Benzinga Nina Zdinjak that “in investing, where the hard times are, that’s where the opportunities are…it takes putting in the work and having the stamina”.

Doug Hanna

A co-founder of Silverleaf Venture Partners, Hannah embarked on marijuana-focused investments over four years ago when the partners closed more than 30 investments in companies such as Jane Technologies and Ebb, to name a few. An expert with over two decades as a primary investor in private equity and real estate, Hannah brings a wealth of knowledge to the nascent cannabis industry.

Karan Wadhera

As Managing Partner at Snoop Dog’s Casa Verde Capital, Wadhera spent over a decade in Asia working as a senior executive with Goldman, Sachs & Co. GS and Nomura Holdings Inc. NMR. Commenting on the time spent in India, he Told LA Venture’s Minnie Ingersoll said “navigating this tricky environment ultimately helped him build relationships and gain experience working in risky financial worlds. No one was raising their hand to go to India when I was there. went – and the cannabis was similar.”

Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison, founding partner and CIO of CB1 Capital is also an advisor to the AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF MSOS. His experience with Morgan Stanley MRS, helped him identify an opportunity in the CBD space, which led him to launch a company specializing in cannabinoid-based wellness solutions, products and therapies. In an exclusive interview on Benzinga’s “Cannabis initiate“, said Harrison cannabis is a sector that “has a real real fundamental bullish business”.

Matt Hawkin

Always there with new tips from cannabis operators, Matt Hawkins, Founder and Managing Director of Entourage Effect Capital has been active in the cannabis space since founding his private equity firm in 2014. With over 20 years of investment experience, Hawkins has honed his skills in various sectors such as technology, science, licensing, real estate, ancillary services and other sectors.

Jean Lykouretzos

One of the best ways maximizing business value is all about “keeping a clean and simple balance sheet”, said our next candidate, John Lykouretzos, CEO of FocusGrowth Asset Management, a company that primarily focuses on small, private marijuana businesses. Lykouretzos has come a long way from his early years in Goldman, Sachs & Co. become a seasoned cannabis investment expert.

wild jason

First pharmacist, Jason Savage, ended up managing a fund focused on cannabis and healthcare. His journey led him to become an investor in a successful company that manages investments in pharmaceuticals and cannabis producers. Currently, Wild serves as Founder, President and CIO of JW Asset Management, LLC and Executive Chairman of TerrAscend Corp. TRSSF TER.

Sandy Kronenberg

Kronenberg is managing partner at Koach Capital, which offers real estate leasebacks and has recently become a major player in cannabis. The company invests in properties and provides growth capital to medium and large operators. The founder of netarx – a provider of network integration and services to large enterprises – Kronenberg also contributes to the community through conferences, publications and the development of new technologies.

Elizabeth Montana – Luciano

Elizabeth Montana-Luciano is COO and Office Manager at Liquid2 Ventures, a company based in the San Francisco Bay Area and founded by NFL legend and Hall of Famer, Joe Montana in 2015. The venture capital firm focuses on seed investment funding for seed-stage tech startups and works with founders and management teams to support company growth.

Kevin Durant

basketball star Kevin Durant and his multifaceted media and investment company, Thirty5 Ventures is next. The two-time NBA champion and Finals MVP has a wide range of businesses in his company’s portfolio, including Coinbase Global Inc. PIECE OF MONEY, Postmates and OpenSea. Thirty5 was also an investor in the Dutchie cannabis company.

Scott Greiper

Scott Greiper, President and Founder of Viridian Capital Advisors is always ready to discuss stock performance and cannabis policy changes. Founded in 2014, Viridian is one of the most experienced strategic advisory firms in the United States, with investments in cannabis companies like 365 weed, Norcal Cannabis Company and Design.

Tim Seymour

then, we have Tim Seymoura director and founder of The Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF CNBS, which launched on the New York Stock Exchange in July 2019. A market expert and co-host of “Fast Money” on CNBC, Seymour has been one of many standout presenters and speakers at recent Cannabis Capital conferences. Besides being one of the most recognizable names in finance, he is also CIO and founder of Seymour Asset Management and lead advisor to the JWAM Growth (Cannabis) fund. With a background in emerging markets and new asset classes, Seymour has been an early investor and participant in the marijuana industry since 2016. Seymour is also nominated for the Best Cannabis Financial Journalist award.

Mitchell Baruchowitz

Baruchowitz is the managing partner of cannabis private equity fund Merida Capital Partners. With nine years of experience in the legal cannabis industry, Baruchowitz is an expert on cannabis investing and the various licensing regimes governing each state. In addition to helping legal Colorado-based cultivators structure state-compliant capital transactions and analyze the legal cannabis market, Baruchowitz co-founded Theraplant, LLC, LeafLine Labs, LLC and Maryland-based Grow West, MD – all three being cannabis-focused companies.

Matthew Nordgren

Matthew Nordgren, founder and CEO of Arcadian Capital Management always takes the opportunity to highlight the many opportunities the cannabis industry offers as an emerging sector. “Pivoting and innovating is part of the process,” he said at a previous Beninzga event. “It’s very well chosen for an industry on the verge of breaking into the consumer category.” Arcadian Capital is an investment firm that has invested in around 50 companies and is raising its own $100 million fund, described as a more ancillary market-focused approach to investing.

Jake Magerman

As we approach the end of our list, we have Jake Magermana director at Emerald Park Capital Management LLC, based in Los Angeles, which provides debt and equity capital to emerging growth companies. As a successful investment banker and investor, he has over three decades of industry experience.

Josh Hamilton

Last but not least is Josh Hamilton, Managing Director of Business Development at Measure 8 Venture Partners. As an investment professional with over $1.5 billion in capital raised, Hamilton has extensive knowledge of equity, private credit, multi-layered and quantitative funds.

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