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November 24, 2021


Over the past year, the industry has seen a roller coaster of ups and downs as agents have experienced rental peaks, inventory shortages, changes in legislation and rental market reform so that people were looking to look outside of the once traditionally high performing target areas. In this article, we reflect on the challenges and opportunities 2021 has brought us, and seek to provide future-proof guidance and tools to help your agency thrive in the new year ahead.

Advances in property management software and rental-focused PropTech services now help agents get more instructions than ever before. Through the use of software that generates faster tenant referrals, ensures exemplary landlord and tenant protection, and offers automated processes for payments, maintenance logs and property reports, agents dedicate much less time on tedious administrative tasks and more time on winning instructions.

Property management software: top tips for busy rental agents

How to make your rental agency more efficient

Modern property management CRM software has the ability to speed up and streamline the processes and administration of compliance data. Harnessing the power of technology means using software like ReziPM, property management software specifically designed to help agents manage their portfolios more effectively.

With sleek dashboards for easy-to-view maintenance administration, appointment scheduling, and compliance reports, agents are able to perform tasks more efficiently using less time and resources. This not only improves productivity in the workplace, but also saves agencies money by improving bottom lines. A welcome change for busy agents on the go who often need to be away from the office with their clients rather than sitting at a desk.

What software do rental agents use?

There is no denying that the real estate industry has held onto its traditional roots much longer than other lucrative buy and sell markets. However, as a direct result of Covid19, which sparked a digital revolution that many forward-thinking agents have embraced and reaped the benefits of providing their agency with an all-in-one integrated sales, rental and management solution. real estate like Rezi and ReziPM.

Choosing an all-in-one combination business solution to better manage your real estate agency no longer means looking for two software providers. It is essential that when looking at business processes it is of utmost importance to minimize the amount of data entry and reduce the need to re-enter data to update the software to be part of an effective agency. and resource efficient. When using two software, it is not always possible to benefit from full integration. This often forces agents to complete duplicate data entry, which can lead to an increase in entry errors.

At Dezrez, we have ensured that our sales and rental software is fully integrated with our property management solution. This means that information can be directly viewed and updated automatically in both systems, ensuring data accuracy and reducing the administrative work you need to do.

Top 3 Tips for Busy Rental Agents

Whether you are looking to increase the quality of instructions, improve landlord or real estate portfolios, or build better relationships with your tenants, there are a number of tools you can use to quickly and sustainably set yourself apart from the crowd. competetion.

1: Equip your agency with the latest technologies

With more and more agencies now operating as hybrid or online rental only solutions, using the best property management software is essential to meet owner and tenant demand. Encouraging best practices means equipping your team with software that is an integral and powerful part of everyday tasks.

This doesn’t mean removing the need for human interaction, but rather improving it to deliver more responsive customer service and improved customer service. Advanced property management solutions such as ReziPM also offer integrated property management accounting software to ensure your clients remain fully compliant with all approved client money protection programs.

A high-performance sales and rental solution like Rezi Premium also allows you to use many of the leading third-party PropTech providers right from your main dashboard. At Dezrez, our mission is to connect the world of real estate for real estate agents. We do this by continuously integrating our Rezi software with leading third-party services to help you deliver the best customer journey and actively gain more instructions the first time.

For more information about our partners and integrations accessible when using Rezi, click here.

2: Improve communication and boost your digital marketing

Why do some rental agents seem to be more successful than others? There are many reasons, but we’ve noticed a trend with top performing agents using CRM software that often integrates with third-party industry solutions through an open API like Rezi Premium real estate agent software.

Knowing your target market is essential for business strategy and company growth. With the number of people choosing to search for properties increasing through online activities, it is essential that you are a commercial agency or online only to have a visible online presence. This can be easily achieved through social media posting through automation channels within your CRM software.

Using Rezi Premium, our agents are able to automatically update their social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram whenever a property is sold or a price is changed. Rezi was the first real estate agency software to integrate with Zapier to enable agents to create automated Zaps to power connectivity to thousands of marketplace apps and social media platforms used for property advertising.

3: Create a local culture of opportunity

Reputation building is the key to the success of any commercial or online agency. The way you operate as a business can vary depending on size, location and offering. However, when building brand exposure and trust in the corporate culture, there are opportunities that all agencies can capitalize on.

One way to build trust, a reputation among tenants and potential landlords, and to set yourself apart from the local competition is to use groups of members from your local target area. A great way to do this is to join local social media groups. With the real estate industry being the second topic we Brits love to talk about after climate change, you should notice a higher engagement rate when posting updates to properties and rentals in your area with local residents. eager to see what is on offer.

By using post engagement, you should also be able to build relationships with locals, tenants, and landlords. This can be great for getting an overview of the current location trend, for example, finding out if landlords are struggling to find tenants in certain areas or if there is a rental demand with a shortage of inventory that you can help. Being the first to respond and connect with a prospect will ultimately place you steadfast in earning an instruction. This proactive rather than reactive response is vital in an increasingly competitive real estate market.

Property management software: top tips for busy rental agents

How to run a successful rental agency in 2022

Choosing a CRM provider like Dezrez gives agents access to a combined software solution for selling, renting and property management under one roof. The use of Rezi and ReziPM agents has significantly reduced the time they spend on administration, which has significantly increased employee job satisfaction and helped provide more streamlined customer service to their customers.

We know real estate agents are extremely busy and that’s why we make sure that Rezi real estate agency software is at the forefront of technological innovation. Through our open API, we constantly integrate with PropTech’s best third-party vendors to help agencies speed up day-to-day tasks, ensuring you receive the best data reports available and providing you with the right tools to better manage the process. communicating with customers and improving lead generation.

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