UK launch for European Property Management PropTech s…

An Austria-based property management PropTech service, which already has ties to Knight Frank, is now launching in the UK.

iDWELL, which describes itself as “a leader in the next generation of digital property management“, already manages some 900,000 apartments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Founded in Vienna in 2017, iDWELL offers a unique integrated maintenance ticket system, full email and communications integration, automated workflow and separate apps for landlords and tenants.


iDWELL already serves well-known clients in Europe including Otto Real Estate in association with Knight Frank or Zurich Real Estate.

Alex Roth, Founder and Managing Director of iDWELL, said: “Our powerful CRM platform, developed exclusively for the property management industry, has the potential to expand internationally, and we are delighted to now be available at UK.

“We will closely support property managers as they transition to our product, digitizing their processes and making them more efficient to save time, resources and money. Feedback from our first customers and appointments in the UK has been excellent, so we look forward to helping more customers solve their problems and help their business grow.

And Alex Abbott, Head of the UK Team at iDWELL, adds: “iDWELL is an exceptional and ideal product for the UK market where digitalization of the property management market is an important topic. We believe this is exactly the right time to be launched and that iDWELL is now the best property management CRM on the UK market.

The service – which is committed to becoming “the leading digital solution for the property management industry in Europe” – recently received a Series A investment from London-based Venture Capitalist Flashpoint.