Yogi: Global Investor Summit will give new UP aspirations a boost

LUCKNOW Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Monday that the proposed Global Investor Summit (GIS) in January 2023 will give rise to aspirations for a new Uttar Pradesh and dates for the three-day event should therefore be decided no later than early.

The UP government proposes to attract investment from 10 lakh crore at the three-day peak. One day at GIS-2023 would be devoted to MSMEs, said Adityanath chairing a high-level meeting convened to review preparations for the summit.

“Uttar Pradesh has become a dream destination for industrial investment following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Reform, Execute and Transform’ mantra. UP is on its way to becoming the second largest economy in the country,” he said as he finalized the roadmap for SIG-2023.

The CM said the state government had received investment proposals from 4.68 lakh crore at the UP investor summit in Feb 2018. And proposals for 3 lakh crore has been implemented in the state in the last five years

“Investment proposals worth 80,000 crore was implemented in the third groundbreaking ceremony held in June this year. This would provide 5 lakh of direct jobs and 20 lakh of indirect jobs,” he said.

Adityanath said roadshows are expected to be held in the UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Sweden, Singapore, Netherlands, Israel, France, Germany, South Korea South, Mauritius, Russia and Australia, etc. “State teams should be sent to these countries to create a favorable atmosphere for the Global Investors‘ Summit. Singapore has expressed its willingness to be the first partner country of the summit. The Netherlands, Japan, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic, Mauritius, Thailand, Nepal and Belgium were the partner countries of the UP Investors Summit 2018,” the CM said.

He said that in addition to these countries, the ambassadors/high commissioners of Sweden and Belgium should also be contacted this time.

Adityanath pointed out that there is huge potential for development in the industrial sector and the necessary rules should be changed to create a better atmosphere for investments in the UP. He said a new industrial policy should be declared at the earliest.

“Efforts should be made to have memorandums of understanding signed for investments of 50 crore and above at state level (at GIS 2023) and MoUs for investments below 50 crore at district level. A web portal should be developed for consistent monitoring and easy implementation of MoUs,” he added.